22 May 2011

Supernatural -- season 6 DVD & season seven news

Ok.. the past week has been ten kinds of crazy. Here are a few things that grabbed my attention.

KSiteTV has released a photo of the Supernatural season six DVD cover.. I still don't know what the snake means. Anyone? I assume the release date will be just before the season seven premier in September. Stay turned for more details.

The Upfront was kinda exciting last week. New shows and fall schedules were announced. I am most excited about Once Upon a Time (which apparently is like Lost). I am also excited about Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer. I think she is someone the CW needs right now. Not that I've ever watched it religiously, but the CW cancelled Hellcats, produced by Tom Welling. I can get excited about the Secret Circle. But we'll wait and see. As long as I get my Supernatural fix, I don't care if the apocalypse is upon us. Here is the CW fall schedule press release. Source KSiteTV.

I watched the Supernatural finale last night. Man! I did not see that coming! I am still formulating my thoughts, which are very fragmented at the moment, kinda like Sam's wall. But here is the thing, Misha Collins is returning to season seven as a guest star. I guess it's like back to season four, when Misha was in and out. I am just glad he is still on the show and Castiel is not dead! Lord Castiel, I bow to you. Read more about Misha's return here.

Misha is starring on Ivan Hayden's the Divine, a web series about a priest fighting supernatural stuff. Like I say before, it's web now, who knows what the future holds?! Read more here.


  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2011

    I think the snake represents evil, the devil etc.. it had something to do with the garden of Eden.. there's a few religious statues of the virgin Mary stepping on a snake. Hope that helps? lol I can wait for the dvd! They make me wait far to long i reckon.. I haven't seen the season final but i heard it's big like REAL BIG, Castiel saying ''im God'' big!!!! (Maz)

  2. Thanks! But why is the snake is on Sam? Sam isn't all that evil this season.. I think they could probably photoshop that out..

    Oh you have to watch the finale NOW. I am about to post my thoughts :)


  3. Misha sure likes to hunt supernatural evils doesnt he.

  4. AnonymousJune 11, 2011

    yeah but the snake also might mean that sam has not left the evil stage yet there might be more to come between sam and lusefer!!! or even more than that??? idk?


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