31 May 2013

AHBL IV -- Supernatural Con Downunder

We can't always get what we want -- J2, I am looking at you! But the Hub Productions Supernatural Convention -- All Hells Break Loose IV has the best and most fun line up. Hold on to that ass of yours, you may laugh your ass off during the panels!! This year's guests include: Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Seb Rouche, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen. The Con is being held this weekend. Check out the website for details.

Those who go to Cons or watch them online, you'd know you get the most laugh out of this lot! They act like children when parents (J2) are not around! I wish I could go, but May and June are typically the busiest time to do anything else other than family stuff. So, if you are going.. HAVE FUN!! 

Misha and Seb were on Channel Nine's Morning today. Here is the interview. No embarrassing moment, thank you! Sonia and David. Misha and Seb were so well behaved! LOVE IT! You can also follow the guys on Twitter as they have been sharing photos with fans. 

I went to the first AHBL Con, and here is my report and stuff. Good times!

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