28 May 2013

Review (Sort of): Star Trek Into Darkness

It took me a few weeks and a second viewing to write this so-called review. It's hard when I am not a fan of any of the previous Star Trek TV series or movies. I watch Star Trek because of J.J Abrams. I love his Star Trek (2009) and I've watched it so many times on DVD. Still, I can't call myself a Star Trek fan, because I simply don't know enough about the culture. I am more a Star Wars girl.

I recently saw Mr William Shatner live in person at an Oz Comic Con where he talked about the Star Trek culture. My brother is also a huge Star Trek fan, and he always said stuff (not Klingon) that I don't understand -- mostly about the characters and the technology. I knew Star Trek stuff through some pop references from The Big Bang Theory. Hey, I know who Wesley Crusher is, and it has nothing to do with bowling, right? 

I don't think I write a great review about Star Trek, but I can tell you this -- Chris Pine has dreamy sexy blue eyes. His head is a bit funny, but those eyes.. oh baby! My mind in the gutter already! I am officially one of the Pine Nuts. I have seen one of his other works, This Means War, which was a complete shit, but I hope he will get better scripts from now on. Jack Ryan, I am definitely watching it!

The new franchise is definitely gathering a whole new generation of fans. I think each generation of Star Trek, since the 60s, has their own fan base. My bro likes Captain Picard the best and he admits he never really gets into the original one either, which was true a classic, I know! I too tried watching the original series -- three episodes -- but I couldn't carry on. I love Mr Shatner best in Boston Legal! LOVE!

What I love about the new Star Trek is J.J's direction. This guy can really tell a story via the visual, together with the music, editing and dialogues -- awesome! If it wasn't directed by J.J, I probably would skip the movie in the first place.

So... what about Star Trek Into Darkness? It's dreamy. I can't get over how sexy those blue eyes are! I always like Zachary Quinto, he was in 24 and Heroes. This guy has star quality! And I admit him a lot! Simon Pegg's Scottie was funny no matter how you looked at him. Karl Urban was solid like bones! I am gonna meet him next month at Supanova, I think he was funny. Bruce Greenwood was soooooo awesome! It was so sad Christopher Pike died! So sad! And Zoe Saldana is growing on me, I always enjoy the on screen chemistry between Uhara and Spook. John Cho will always be Harold to me, but he kicked ass as Zulu. Anton Yelchin -- yay Kyle Reese -- had his moments to shine as Chekov. The scene-stealing Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan was awesome and creepy. I am sure he makes a lot of Sherlock fans happy. Yeah Cumberbitches! Quinto and Pine certainly carried the bromance so well. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I actually cried when Kirk died. Specifically, when he did the Vulcan sign. Awwww... Quinto can do one perfect tear too.

There wasn't a single dull moment Star Trek Into Darkness. And I think there were less lens flares in this one. The music was awesome, really really love the editing -- visual and music. Love the cast chemistry! Love it! Overall I love it -- for the love of blue eyes! I give it 9 out of 10. I deduct one point because it was 7 minutes less than Iron Man 3 and there was no bonus footage. HA!

Chris Pine's blue eyes are ridiculously distracting to the extreme! Jesus Christ!

This has been a fan-girl 'review'. Sue me! 

So, what do you think of the movie?

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