06 June 2013

Supernatural Season 8 DVD -- Details

TV Shows On DVD has posted an update on the Supernatural Season 8 DVD. The official release date is announced by WB Home Video. The DVD and Blu-ray are available on September 10th, 2013. The press release also confirms the special features, which I am very excited about!! The cover art has also been confirmed. 

Special features include: 

-- Finding Supernatural 
-- For the Defense of Mankind 
-- Angel Warrior
-- Three Producer Commentaries 
-- Deleted Scenes 
-- Gag Reel 
Source: TVShowsOnDVD

Pre-order it now on Amazon

Speaking of buying Supernatural things, my local Dymocks HAD six copies of The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester last week. I was shopping around for prices online but I decided to buy it from my local Dymocks because I simply couldn't wait! Also, with shipping and stuff, the bumpy ride could course damage on the hardcover.

Guess what? When I went back to Dymocks, all six copies were sold out! Like... there are Supernatural fans in my local areas that I don't know about? SHOW YOURSELF! 

I almost cried! Don't get me wrong. I am happy there are local Supernatural fans, but I hate myself for not decisive enough. Lesson learnt -- don't underestimate the power and quantity of Supernatural fans.


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