26 February 2013

Supernatural -- Misha Collins Promoted to Season Regular...Again

It isn't the first time Misha got promoted to a regular on Supernatural. After his promotion in season five, and back to a special guest star statue, Misha will once again get back on the cast list as a regular for season nine. Misha is loved, Castiel is loved! 

I believe in Jeremy Carver. I think he will have a good Castiel story to tell. Castiel is going through some personal struggle, I think with the way the tablet storyarc is going, I think it just makes sense to have Castiel back as a regular. We won't see him in every episode, but we will see him more often than we have in season six to eight. He will be back later on this season. 

Not only Misha will return as a regular in season nine, he will also direct an episode of Supernatural. OH.MY.GOD!

I love Castiel. I love him. I can start singing On My Own right now. Too much?

Source: Huffington Post

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