16 February 2013

I Love Star Wars

Photo by David Eger. It's funny, because when I was working on this blog, I was listening to the song New York State of Mind. 
I don't play dress up and hang posters, but I love Star Wars. There are flaws, but I can forget them. The Star Wars stories remains influential to today's pop culture. Star Wars was inspired by the Joseph Campbell's ideas on a hero's journey and the power of myth. Many writers are still influenced by these ideas. A hero's complex is heavily embedded on TV shows and movies, TV drama such as Supernatural is a great example of that. 

I am a female fan of Star Wars. I don't know what that tells you. Whatever. People have different reasons for loving Star Wars. Sometimes people tend to look at it as a gender thing. But for me, this is a genre that appeals to me, and Star Wars is the greatest piece of artwork to study, especially for a student of writing such as myself. As someone who grew up under an uninspired education environment, I can honestly say I learn more about literature in pop culture than in school. There is just so much to learn. George Lucas is still taking me to school after all these years. I am not embarrassed to admit I love Star Wars, especially when I go to Baby Showers and all these twenty-something young mums profess their love for The Real Housewives, or worst, Fifty Shades.

The dark side is there. You don't have to fit in and it is cool to be different, and George taught me that. 

By David Eger
The point of this blog post, really, is to share with you what I saw yesterday. WIRED has this great article about the work of David Eger, an artist, who created some of the best Star Wars-inspired photos. Check this out here! You can follow David Eger on Twitter

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