04 February 2013

[Fanvid] Supernatural 'The Winchester Legacy: Men of Letters'

"Dad wants us to pick up where he left off…Saving people, hunting things...family business!" ~~ Dean Winchester, Supernatural 'Pilot' ~~

After watching Supernatural 8.12 As Time Goes By, I cannot help but to put together a video on the Winchester Family! I have to! I just have to! 

I think I am a little in love and obsessed with this episode than most people. But if you are like me, then you will understand how I feel. There is nothing more awesome than putting the family and time travel element together.

Will Dean and Sam pick up where their Grandfather left off?

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If you have missed my review on this episode and interested in reading, please take a look and feel free to leave a comment -- MY 'AS TIME GOES BY' REVIEW.

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