09 February 2013

Review: Supernatural 'Everybody Hates Hitler'

Episode 8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler was an excellent follow up episode for last week's As Time Goes By. I was expecting a filler but Everybody Hates Hitler was more than that. The introduction of Men of Letters paved the way for more new possibilities and storylines that might have been under the radar all these years and Supernatural wasted no time in establishing this direction quickly. Everybody Hates Hitler is an example of that -- the Judah Initiative, a secret society with a rich history of fighting evil, has been a long time ally of the Men of Letters. What I love about this episode is the almost-archaeological feel of it. I love the historical connection between two allies -- Judah Initiative and Men of Letters. This was an excellent way to integrate a new mythology into a filler-ish episode. But in the very centre of it was still the brothers, who began to discover the history of Men of Letters and their allies. There was almost a hint of proudness when Sam told the Golem "Our grandfather was a Man of Letters."

The episode was brilliantly written by Ben Edlund, who tackled every aspect of the story awesomely! While this wasn't one of Ben Edlund's craziest ideas (I am still waiting for his ninja episode!), I just love the pace of the story and the dialogues, everything was so brilliantly integrated. One has to know the series' past, present and future -- Ben Edlund has skillfully written an episode that paid respect to the history of the show, explored present situation/ new elements, as well as kept the doors open for future possibilities.

"I am taller than Sam. Yay!"
It took eight seasons for series to mash the Nazi and supernatural theme together. And I love it when Supernatural introduced a new language, in this case Hebrew, into the dialogues. I love the whole theme about Golems raised by Rabbis to protect the Jews in time of crap. The on-screen chemistry between Adam Rose and John DeSantis were surprisingly fun to watch as they played their roles as Aaron and Golem, but I believe it started with having a good script with great dialogues. Hal Linden as Rabbi Bass was brilliant, his performance set the tone of the episode very well. The sets of the German camp and the bunker were amazing, I feel like it was movie quality! I love the opening of the episode which reminded me of Indiana Jones, Captain America and Hell Boy. And I love the sound of vinyl played in the bunker's turntable, and Dean was certainly ok with listening to Ella Fitzgerald. But I do wonder when Dean will bring in his stereo and cassette tapes and start pumping chis favourite classic rock tunes. I love Dean's comedic moments in this episode, Jensen is always so great at it! And Jared is so good in that three-piece outfit! So nerdy! 

Let's talk about the Men of Letters HQ! While the Impala has always been the only 'home' for the Winchester brothers, the bunker is an awesome idea! Instead of going back to the motel room, Dean and Sam get to go back to the bunker, have a drink, relax and do some admin work! The bunker is a Disneyland for Sam as much as for Dean. The brothers haven't had a home since Sam was six months old. The concept of having a home is so foreign to them. But now they have it, I think they both are going to love it! Dean loves the shower, waking up from his own room and walking around the bunker like this is his home. While Sam enjoys waking up in the morning and plays with his books. Having a library at home is like a dream come true for Sam!

I love it when they were matching t-shirts!
I agree with Sam on the bunker being a 'break'. They can really use the stuff in the bunker for a lot of things. I think it will be stupid for the writers not to utilise Men of Letters and the bunker for the rest of the series. Not overuse it, but utilise it probably. There are just so many things to explore. I am so excited and happy for the writers, they have finally found this WOW factor that can work for years. Despite having a home, I love how Dean and Sam didn't sit on their asses all day and be comfortable about having a home. I love that Dean and Sam were working on a case, but it was also about gaining some allies, who of course didn't get kill off in this episode. I have no doubt the brothers will find more allies through the archives. Who knows? May be they will find the Colt family? My apology, I am a obsessed with the Colt too, as some of you know.

One of my favourite Dean shirts! Love the red!
Let's talk about Dean. I do not think Dean is intimated by all the books, the wealth of knowledge and people who are 'smarter' than him, as mentioned by one to two reviews I've read. I think he has a very clear idea in his mind about his identity -- he is a hunter and he always will be. That's the way Dad taught him, he is sticking to his role and this is his job. He well knows that just because the Men of Letters thing is in the picture, it doesn't mean that he is obligated to give up being a hunter. There are still people to save and things to hunt. Dean is more than capable of doing good research where required, he is smarter than people realise. With Sam being more nerdy about all this stuff, Dean knows this is one of his little brother's fortes. He is proud and happy to see Sam being so comfortable with it. 

I think Dean will get more comfortable and respect the Men of Letters more as the wealth of knowledge in the bunker comes to play a bigger part in the future. Dean isn't the kind of man who can be easily influenced or manipulated. If he sees it with his own eyes, he will believe it and respect it. Just because Henry believed in it, it doesn't mean Dean has to believe in it without getting to know about it first. So it only makes sense that Dean is taking one step at a time and see what's this Men of Letters thing can do for them. So no, I don't think he is intimated by all this stuff.

Let's talk about Sam. I love Sam in this episode! See! I am not a Sam hater! I do like the guy, and this is the perfect Sam for me! Sam has earned the honour of winning my favourite line of the entire episode "We are hunters, but our grandfather was a Man of Letters.' [Could that be used as a pick up line for Dean?] Dean has his moments of self doubts as part of his hero complex, and Sam has always been a bit lost when it comes his role as a hunter, which has been evidently shown in this season. I love how Sam is embracing Men of Letters so naturally as if he has finally found his constant. It makes sense to see him being a Man of Letters. It's so Sam!! He looks extremely comfortable with it. While Dean isn't going to give up on hunting and certainly won't handover the hunting to other hunters, he is totally comfortable with Sam embracing it. It feels right! I know Sam doesn't need his big brother's approval to do anything but it sure means a lot to Sam if Dean is proud of him.

As to how exactly the Men of Letters will impact the way the brothers' way of life from now on, it's remained to be seen. In this episode, Dean was the one going on a field trip check on Kevin and Garth to make sure they were doing ok, while Sam was in the bunker doing research on the Men of Letters. On one hand, I can see Dean being out there and Sam doing research behind the desk, but on the other hand, hunting is still a two people job! I can also see them both getting into the Impala, travelling from one town to another, working on a case, saving people, hunting things. Men of Letters add good things rather than bad I think, it's helpful when you have your own library, I guess.

Men of Letters have only been just introduced but it is adding freshness without messing up the existing storyarc and the brother dynamic. I made a video last week based on Men of Letters and a comment from my friend reminds me about what Supernatural is all about -- it's about the brothers and the family. It isn't about which brother is better or which brother is right or wrong. I think the Men of Letters thing will work perfectly for the boys -- it adds new perspectives and it actually helps the brothers to move forward as a team and as a family. And it is refreshing for me as a viewer to see a new element on the show that contributes to the brother relationship. This is what they really need right now. Overall, I love this episode. What's not to like about a Golem? Again, I make no apology for saying this: Everybody Hates Hitler is another favourite episode of season eight. And I really love the whole Men of Letters thing!!!

Next week, Supernatural continues with the tablets story! One word: YAY!

8.14 Trial and Error: KEVIN DECIPHERS THE TABLET — Kevin (Osric Chau) deciphers the tablet and figures out how to close the gates of Hell. He tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that according to the tablet one person must face a series of three tests designed by God. The first one – kill a hellhound. Sam and Dean argue over who should complete the trials. Kevin Parks directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb. 


  1. Deanie_24 -I like the idea of the batcave... Sam & Dean certainly do. Can't help but feel it's too good to be true, like Dean said once the never catch a break. Glad the boys are embracing it in their own way though. I'd be more at ease if they had a better parking spot for the impala too. I feel it's way too exposed being parked out the front! I hope the batcave is around for a while, seems to put the guys at ease to have somewhere safe & so useful at their disposal.

    1. Thanks V. Yes, I am a little obsessed with the whole batcave idea. But you're right, it does feel like it's too good to be true. But I am hoping this will really help the brothers after everything and everyone has been taken away from them.

      Season 8 is kicking ass!!

      Thanks V.


    2. Thanks hon Me too like the idea. I feel like S1 again in the grown up way ! The boys have been up and down for those years. Now it's time to put different behind and work together again! Don't want to say but true, Winchesters and Cambelles. The Brains and the Brawn. Not work alone ! :)

    3. Thank you! :)

      > Winchesters and Cambelles. The Brains and the Brawn.

      It still meant to be!

  2. I have so much love for this episode Tiny.

    This episode and last week's episode "As Time Goes By" nailed it because they were centered on what this show has always been about, Family and Family Legacy.

    By bringing the story back to the heart of the show, it returned the heart to the show.

    I think maybe there might be a bit of genius in the beginning of this season. Pulling the brothers so far apart that they weren't sure they wanted to be together any longer and then forcing them to make a choice - other people or each other. Of course, they chose each other, they chose family. Then bringing in this very strong family storyline, making the brothers focus on family again. Bringing in the MoL, which gives Sam a clearer place in the Winchester/Campbell legacy. Giving him a reason to stay with hunting, outside of his sense of commitment to Dean. Allowing him to find some happiness - and through his happiness, Dean to find happiness, because like he once said, looking out for Sam is who he is.

    I thought the joy that Dean so obviously felt, seeing Sam find his place was a profound shift for the brothers. I hope we continue on this path.

    Edlund is a genius...and I have a sneaking suspicion Carver is too.

    Thanks for a great review Tiny - this episode was love, pure and simple.

    1. Thanks Amy! You're right about Sam's reasons to stay hunting. I remember earlier on this season, I was asking myself the same questions -- obviously Sam can't just quit hunting and be with Amelia. But what would the reasons be? I was hoping there won't be any cliche 'Kill Amelia' and Sam goes on a revenge thing again.

      But this MoL thing is totally unexpected, BUT a very very solid reason for the boys to come together. And obviously it gives Sa a reason to stay hunting and work with Dean, as a family!


      Thanks Amy



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