09 January 2013

Supernatural 'Remember The Titans' Details; Episode Titles Update

The Supernatural gang is surely keeping fans excited during this hiatus. After we welcome Gen to Twitter @realGPad and Danneel's pregnant news plus all the PCA stuff, we are not getting a break! Before we know it, Supernatural will be back on your TV! 


SpoilerTV has posted some preliminary details on 8.16 Remember the Titans. The episode will involve Prometheus, Haley and Zeus. This episode is written by Daniel Loflin and directed by Steve Boyum. Someone give me a Greek mythology book to read now! Did you know: "Prometheus is a Titan, culture hero, and trickster figure in Greek mythology..." It is also a name for space ships. I want to see Richard Speight Jr to return to the show. 21st Century Fox Mambo is playing in my mind as I type this. Yeah, I am this random!

Here is an update of the episode titles, including the episode title for 8.18.

8.01  We Need to Talk About Kevin 
8.02  What's Up, Tiger Mommy? 
8.03  Heartache 
8.04  Bitten 
8.05  Blood Brother
8.06  Southern Comfort 
8.07  A Little Slice of Kevin
8.08  Hunteri Heroici 
Citizen Fang
8.10 Torn and Frayed (16 Jan)
8.11 LARP and the Real Girl (23 Jan)
8:12 As Time Goes By
8.13 Everyone Hates
8.14 Trial And Error (previously known a
s Black Dog)
8.15 Man's Best Friend With Benefits
8.16 Remember The Titans
8.17 Goodbye Stranger
8.18 The Apple Dumpling Gang

Don't forget to tune in for the People's Choice Award. The boys should be on around 7pm Pacific Time, according to Jim Michaels or Clif. I can feel it. Jensen is going to take home the trophy!

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