11 January 2013

Happy Friday! Best Dress! Best Moment! J2 & Wives

Are we over the frenzy yet? I cannot get over how cute Jensen was when he put his hand on Danneel's baby bump. I think it's a girl! 

Jensen made it to a few Best Dress list, here is one.

"BEST: Jensen Ackles. The Supernatural star proves that men can mix it up on the red carpet. His aubergine suit stands out without being too ostentatious." Yahoo

Too right buddy! He doesn't let the outfit to dress him, he makes the outfit look good. He looks good in anything.. even in his sports coach look in Supernatural! Oh wait.. what?

Very sweet! Jensen hardly kisses Danneel in public like this. Very sweet!

Another pic of Jensen and Jared from the People's photo booth.

Here is Jensen and Danneel entering the red carpet. 

Here is Jarpad and Genpad entering the red carpet.  

The CW has created a banner to acknowledge the win for Supernatural and Beauty and the Beast.

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