07 January 2013

Ackles & Padalecki Scheduled To Appear at People's Choice on Jan 9th

Happy New Year!! Do you have any New Year's resolution? I am taking one step at a time and enjoy life at the same time. One of the biggest wishes I have is to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki to appear live in person, on the red carpet and on stage at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday 9th January. Good things do happen!!! It's been announced that they are scheduled to appear, according to the following promo.

Both Jensen and Jared are up for the Best Dramatic Actor Award. Supernatural is up for the Favourite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy TV Show and Favourite TV Fan Following. As a show, Supernatural has won the Favourite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy TV Show before, but Jensen and Jared never won any individual awards. Could this be the year of CHANGE? Could this be the year to see one of our boys to give an acceptance speech on stage? They all practice that moment -- the nominees are.. and the winner is -- how will their reaction be like? They will probably make fun of each other.

People's Choice Awards is one of those funny things just like the MTV Awards. It's a fan thing. You see Twilight and Bieber more than you see someone like Helen Mirren or Maggie Smith. Winning a People's Choice Award probably doesn't mean anything to anyone, except it means the world to the fans because fans get to see their favourite stars to appear live in person on the red carpet, on stage and after party. It's a great way to promo a show. But fans want new hot photos and videos. We want our precious! 

You can see the official press release here.

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