09 January 2013

Premonition - People's Choice Awards

We are only hours before the People's Choice Awards. There are too many awesomeness to look forward to. I don't think I can sleep tonight. And just now, literally, I had a premonition about how Jensen and Jared might behave during the Dramatic Actor Award. 

1.) Jared wins: Jensen screams like a fangirl. The mic is too low for him. He is too excited, he takes his shirt off. 

2.) Jensen wins: Jared screams like a fangirl. Jared grabs his face and attempts to kiss him, but Jensen pushes his face away.

3.) Ian or Paul wins: Jared and Jensen throw their ties on the floor and yell "Not fair!" They fight on stage. 

4.) Nathan wins: "Firefly reboot, anyone?" 

I may actually watch it the red carpet live tomorrow on UStream!

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