10 January 2013

Recap and Congrats -- Supernatural Won Two People's Choice Awards

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I am so so proud to be part of the Supernatural family. I vote for Supernatural. I watch People's Choice for the fandom. The crew up in Vancouver was also watching it too. I feel like I was watching my family with my family on TV.

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First and foremost, congratulations to Supernatural for winning two awards -- Favourite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy show and Favourite TV Fan Following 'SPN Family'. Jensen and Jared didn't win the Dramatic TV Actor, this award went to Nathan Fillion, who mentioned his brother voted for Jensen! (HA!) I feel so gutted that Jensen didn't win! But I am going to look pass the disappointment and look on the brightside of life instead. Less the singing, of course. Should we?

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It isn't the first time Supernatural won the People's Choice Awards, but it was the first time the cast of Supernatural was invited to attend. Jensen and Jared accepted the Favourite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy show award on stage. This was a big win for the fandom. Thank you Sweetondean for uploading this.

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Favourite TV Fan Following 'SPN Family' received a few seconds mention on screen, but hey, go hug and congratulation yourselves. YOU WON! I WON! Should I make an acceptance speech?

"I would like to thank myself for voting. For months, I've been voting for Supernatural, for Jensen and Jared. I would like to thank Kripke for creating the show, and Gamble, Carver, Singer and the writing staff and production crew for holding the show together. I want to thank the hottest actors ever Jensen, Jared and Misha and everyone else for keeping me busy. And if I get to vote for the Hottest Wives awards, Danneel and Gen would be my winners. On behalf of me, myself and the fandom, thank you." ~~ Tiny

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The red carpet is definitely a highlight for me. Jensen and Jared looked super hot. Danneel glowed as Baby Ackles was cheering on for daddy! Gen was stunning in that dress and hairstyle. Getty has a few images, which I don't think I am not allowed to post them. But you are welcome to browse for your pleasure. Or your can go to WinchesterBros.

Apart from all the Supernatural related excitement, to be honest this year's People's Choice Award as an event does look a bit flat. It has its moment -- Robert Downey Jr was always entertaining and never disappoint and that was Tony Stark right there; Kaley Cucoc was a great host; Stephen Amell looked very nervous but very hot! I don't really care about most of other winners -- The Beauty & The Beast won the Favourite New TV Drama was probably the biggest WTF moment other than Jensen and Jared didn't take home the Dramatic Award. Every year People's Choice Award is like 'Other People's Choice Award' to me. But let's look on the brightside.. Supernatural won! 

The greatest 'feel-good' moment was when The Big Bang Theory won Favourite Network Comedy Award. When The History Of Everything was played, a big smile appeared on my face! It is interesting to see to the event wrapped up with a Comedy award, and Simon Helberg made the acceptance speech! To me, it was probably the most hilarious and best moment of the entire show! I love this show, it was a great speech from Simon.  

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Here is the full list of winners of this year's People's Choice Awards.

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