17 December 2012

TV Shows: Who Stays And Who Goes?

TVByTheNumbers has a great article about TV network's business model and which shows they think will go and stay. 

It's a very early stage, but any good signs are good signs! All my favorites are looking great for a renewal! These shows include Supernatural, Revolution, Arrow, New Girl, Glee and Once Upon A Time, plus The Big Bang Theory has already been renewed. HBO's A Game of Thrones should get a full ride to season four, I hope they have at least six seasons! The Song of Ice and Fire is a big series! 

Also by looking at this list, JJ Abrams, Eric Kripke and Ryan Murphy own/ create/ exec produce two shows each -- Supernatural/ Revolution for Kripke; Revolution/ Person of Interest for Abrams; Glee/The New Normal for Murphy. Abrams also has Fringe, which is on its last season and Murphy has American Horror Stories, which is apparently a mini-series. Whatever! Did you spot others? Let me know.

On something completely different, but depends on how you look at it. EW has named Joss Whedon 'Winner of the Decade". This is how they justify it. I do not disagree! I think Joss and his work are awesome. With the up-coming TV series S.H.I.E.L.D, Joss' cult status is going to go off the planet! He deserves it! Seeing I am also a big fan of the Kripke Master.. the 'Winner of the Next Decade' should be Eric Kripke. Just saying!

I cannot wait to watch S.H.I.E.L.D!

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