22 December 2012

Once Upon A Time -- Who and Where The Hell Is Baelfire; Emma Is Harry Potter; Cora Is Palpatine

I have finally watched the mid-season finale of Once Upon A Time this week. It was a great way to wrap the 'Emma and Snow stuck with Mulan and Aurora but discover Captain Hook in fairyland' storyarc. In previous episode, when Charming was under the sleeping spell, I was like, "Great! That's gonna drag for another few episodes!" But wait! He was only asleep for one episode. I like it in a way because the Prince was under the sleeping spell and Snow has to kiss him. I hope Emma won't get to see her parents having sex. Has she called Charming 'Dad' and Snow 'Mum' once?

I have been waiting to watch the mid-season before I sum up my thoughts for season two so far. The number one burning question for me is still this: WHERE AND WHO IS BEALFIRE? I know there are a few theories about Neal and Bealfire out there, and I am one of those fans who are on board with the Neal IS Bealfire theory, just as I am fully on board about Jon Snow is half a Targaryen.

Baelfire means the world to Rumplestiltskin. Baelfire is Rumplestiltskin's biggest weakness and his reason for coming to Storybrooke. I think it is a bit redundant if Neal is just a random dude Emma met unless he was created just to get us talking. But if Neal is Baelfire, what happened to his memory? Obviously he has no memory of Storybrooke and his past. Or does he? If he really wants to go undetected, he will not say anything about the fact that he is Dark One's son. After watching the season premier, I was right, August was working with Neal! I just helped myself with the cookies.

And if Bealfire went to Neverland instead Storybrooke, there is no way Hook didn't know about it and not use him as a bait. But this is not impossible for Bealfire to go undetected in Neverland. And if Bealfire didn't go to Storybrooke or Neverland, where is he? I wish we have a little bit more clue because he is the reason Rumplestiltskin is in Storybrooke, and we are 1.5 seasons into the series already.

And if Neal is Baelfire, that makes Henry Rumplestiltskin's grandson -- may be another pawn in  Rumplestiltskin's chessgame? This means Emma is Rumplestiltskin's 'daughter in law'. This means Rumplestiltskin and the Charmings are in-law. And Regina is also considered as an 'in-law'. Right! 

I am kinda getting the vibe that Henry is capable of using magic because he is Emma's blood. Also, IF, I stress again, IF Neal is Bealfire, did Rumplestiltskin know about Henry? I mean, he did help Regina to adopt Henry, and may be this is one way of finding Neal? Enter August who told Neal not to stop Emma to fulfill her destiny. Does August know about Neal? That is, IF Neal is indeed Baelfire. August was able to escape the curse before, which made him capable to travel from the outside world to Storybrooke, can he do it again? Can he go to Neal and play a part to stop Rumplestiltskin, should the Dark One do anything dark again? The other thing about Rumplestiltskin is that, he has more than one weakness -- Belle.

Moving on to Regina. What will happen to her from now on? Will she give in again because she wasn't invited to the celebration party? I don't see Regina going against her mother in a battle. I think it could be a psychological mind game more than anything. I miss Regina being the Evil Queen though. Season two has revealed the other side of Regina more, she is softer than her mother. Henry obviously plays a huge part in Regina's life in Storybrooke. As long as Henry is around, Regina will be careful about what she does. One thing for sure, she will use magic again. It is a matter of using it for good or evil. Cora is the devil on one shoulder, and Henry is the angel on the other shoulder. Cora will be a big test for Regina but I think there is definitely a 'Cora is the Empire Palpatine to Darth Vader' vibe going in Once Upon a Time. But whatever is going to happen, the Cora/Regina and Rumplestiltskin/ Hook battle has been long overdue after 28 years in the waiting. And if Regina stays 'good' and written as such for the rest of the series, she could die as the 'good guy' soon, just like Vader was when he killed the Empire. Thoughts?

Since Aurora and Mulan are still in Fairyland, obviously they still have a role to play. It's good to have an ally on the other side. Aurora can always sleep to communicate with Snow. May be Giant Hurley will come through the portal and start eating people and Emma can tell him to eat Cora. Or just sit on her.

Can someone remind me where Mad Hatter is? Don't give me the 'he is shooting Captain America" answer! Mad Hatter and Pinocchio are my Faraday and Desmond on this show. They are my favorite characters. So naturally I want to see them MORE! 

I haven't forgotten about Emma. I think Emma will learn to use magic even thought she may or may not want to. She has the FORCE. She is HARRY POTTER! That was a great twist when Cora failed to grab her heart and Emma created this sort of a force field. Rumplestiltskin told Emma he didn't know anything about the magic within her. But Rumplestiltskin always has a way in not telling the truth. Of course he knew! He is the Dark One, of course he knew! The spell in his cell was pretty good. I find it slightly funny when Snow said "When I was a little girl, I used to watch Regina practicing magic." What is the age different between Regina and Snow?

Anyway.. Once Upon A Time has become one of my favorite new shows right now and it is going to the right direction with lots of lots of stories to tell. I know the season one DVD is one of my Christmas presents. I can't wait to rewatch. I want to focus on August and see if anything comes to my mind about anything. 

Once Upon A Time returns on January 6, 2013.


  1. The thing is, I have no idea. I think Neal being Bae is a little too easy, however I do think Emma has had something to do with Bae in her past. Maybe like a cop who turned a blind eye or something. I also dont really like the Neal character, so... hm... We'll see. But still want Emma/August.

    1. I love August, Kara. I so didn't pay attention to him until the whole Pinocchio thing.

      If Neal is not Baelfire, I still feel that he and Emma have crossed paths before.

      This is not too long of a hiatus. Cannot wait!!

      Tiny xoxo


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