06 December 2012

Supernatural Review - Citizen Fang

Citizen Fang-tastic! 

Can we at least have a burger and talk about our favorite boy band?
Citizen Fang was directed by Nick Copus and written by Daniel Loflin. You may know Nick's directorial work from Alphas, Nikita and The 4400, he also directs an upcoming episode of Arrow. Daniel Loflin is the other half of the Dabb and Loflin team. They have been writing Supernatural for a few seasons. Without his usual writing partner, I thought it was a good episode from Loflin.

Supernatural is usually on its 10th episode this time of the season, but instead we are on 9th. After watching the promo of Tom and Frayed, it got me thinking perhaps Citizen Fang wasn't written as the mid-season finale, but Tom and Frayed was. Due to Thanksgiving, we had a week off, so we are one episode short in the first half of the season. Anyhoo, Citizen Fang was a great episode but it didn't feel like mid-season finale, however, it isn't necessarily a bad thing, at least a few things were moved forward. As a viewer, this is a good thing to feel so emotional about the storyline and characters. They are not written for everyone to like, this is not a children's book. Even a children's book has villains and crap, and this is Supernatural we are talking about. It must have dramas, conflicts, the WTF moments and darkness. It is written to challenge us psychologically. We are supposed to have the WTF reactions, that's the purpose of a drama. We can all debate about whether Sam did the right thing, if Martin was a douche, or if the trust issue is ever going to go away. One thing for sure, each character in this episode think they have made the best decision under the circumstances.

Let's start with Sam. I half expected Sam to do what he did. I expected him to flip and be stubborn about Benny. "Your brother chooses a vampire over you." Oh shut up Martin! But did it really cross Sam's mind? I don't think so. I'd like to think Sam was better than this. I think it was more about 'they are monsters, we want them dead, they want us dead' -- a motif Dean once shared with Sam before. Dean was never a choir boy about monsters, Sam knew it and he was willing to give Dean a few hours to investigate the case and talk to Benny.

But what scenario was Sam expecting to see after a few hours? May be he was too arrogant. To me, it was almost as if Sam was certain that the deaths in town were caused by Benny and hoped Dean was wrong about Benny. Sam wanted Dean to see the truth with his own eyes and said "Told ya!" Sam wasn't really thinking about an alternative -- what if Dean was right about Benny who didn't kill those people? To me, Sam was going to end Benny regardless. Sam was being stubborn. There was a bit of a "why am I always the one who is wrong about things and makes bad decision?" thing going on with Sam. For once, perhaps he wanted Dean to be wrong and made a bad decision. Sam was looking for a win, so to speak.

Lumberjack Benny
Sam was pissed off about the fake text message, which was well-played by Dean. It told us and Dean about Sam's feeling for Amelia, who could be a liability and in danger. Sam was willing to drop everything, including a job, to be by her side. Hypothetically speaking, if Crowley finds out about Amelia, she is gone! Sam may want a retirement and a happy life, but it is the stuff he did before as a hunter that makes it impossible for him to start a family or close to someone, because one day shit will come back to haunt him. It is a weakness and the monsters know it. For Sam to see Amelia with Don was a good thing, because he could see that she was safe and happy, so that he could move on. But for Amelia to go to Sam, this is going to drag! I don't want this to drag. The bar scene being the last shot of the mid-season finale was a little weak. Good ending to an episode, but not as cliff-hanger for a mid-season finale. This is not Grey's Anatomy, this is Supernatural. The episode was great, don't get me wrong, but that ending wasn't strong enough to wrap the mid-season.

Let me throw a few questions out there. What could possibly happen to Amelia and Sam from now on? Let's see -- Amelia is going to have an affair with Sam behind Don's back? Sam is going to drop everything and leaves Dean and hunting, again? Amelia is going to be Lisa 2.0 and tries to accept and live with the fact that Sam is a hunter? Don is going become angry and finds out about Sam being a hunter and then hire a witch to kill him? Amelia is going to be possessed by demon and then die? There is literally nothing interesting that could happen to the Amelia and Sam storyarc. I understand that this is part of Sam's character development, but either Crowley is going to find out about Amelia and uses her as an asset (which will be much more interesting), or Sam has to join Home and Away. Oh wait.. how about Don IS possessed by a demon under Crowley's authority?  

I shook that hand! I shook that big rough hand of his.
Let's talk about Dean and Sam. Dean had a point about Benny being the only one who had never let him down so far.  It was a fact, not a gut feeling. For Sam to say, "it must feel great to finally find someone you can trust after all these years" was immature. Sam was clearly pissed off. Perhaps he was pissed off because Dean trusted a vampire more than he trusted his little brother. But can you blame Dean? Like I said, Sam wished his brother to be wrong, just once! It's a sibling thing. Dean was surprisingly calmer than I expected. This was a job -- if Benny did the killing, Dean would have no reason not to end him. But perhaps Dean always knew he was right about Benny. Dean is hardly wrong, may be that one time when Dean was all buddy buddy with Gordan in his first appearance, they had a few drinks and traded stories in the bar. 

Dean was caution about Benny. He opted for the talking rather than all guns blazing, furious about the killing. And I think most importantly, he went with facts and not let his emotion clouds his judgement. But Sam did let his emotion and anger cloud his judgement for a little bit. He didn't even want to consider the fact Dean presented to him. He didn't even want to listen to Dean. So what's going to happen to the brother relationship? If you have seen the promo for the next episode, you'd know. Cas is going to tell them to get their shits together! There is no better way to saying it. Sam needs to stop being a baby. 

Let's talk about the 'almost-ok' Martin. I hate him. There was nothing adorable about him. He was a Gordan. Martin tried to get back into the game, fine! And I get that it was a hunter instinct to be suspicious about monsters. In the tradition of Supernatural, monsters are all bad. But this season, Benny was introduced as a complex character, challenging us to consider the possibility of the existence of monster with a good heart. I think that's why I like Benny, because we haven't seen anyone like him before on the show. This makes me Team Benny! Of course, I hate Martin for acting stupid and a douche for threatening Elizabeth. What was he thinking? But it wasn't about Martin, it was about Benny. It revealed who he really was. We saw his point of view. I am glad Benny is still alive and Martin isn't! Elizabeth had one hell of a job to clean up the blood and the body. Wish Cas was here to help.

Overall, I really like this episode because I secretly was hoping Dean was right about Benny. Benny is a great addition to the show. I really like this episode because Sam really pissed me off. That's right. Sam's stubbornness made half the episode, I don't agree with his action and his thinking, but I like the drama and conflict that he brings to the episode. But seriously, the Sam and Amelia storyarc has to end right friggin now! I don't want to have 1D's One Thing playing in my head whenever I see Amelia and Sam together. 

There is the hand again!
Supernatural episode 8.10 Torn and Frayed airs on Wednesday January 16th, 2013. Really, it's not that long of a wait. Yeah, REALLY!

Here is an update on the episode titles:

8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin
8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
8.03 Heartache
8.04 Bitten
8.05 Blood Brother
8.06 Southern Comfort
8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin
8.08 Hunteri Heroici 
8.09 Citizen Fang 

8.10 Torn and Frayed (16 Jan)
8.11 LARP and the Real Girl
8:12 As Time Goes By
8.13 Everybody Hates
8.14 Trial And Error
8.15 Man's Best Friend With Benefits

8.16 Remember The Titans


  1. Sixtyseven ImpalaDecember 07, 2012

    Supernatural fan 4-ever.....if the show ever ends I want the car, notice my ScreenName...Love the Impala!!!!!

    1. Haha.. You can buy the toy in the mean time


  2. Again great review hon :) Right where I thought. Sam love story have to end soon! No offend to the stars but I can't stand soft blur picture scenes and flashback looks anymore!! LOL

    1. Thanks hon..

      Not at all, my rent about Sam is not directed to anyone, but the story for him and Amelia has its time and serves the purpose to develop Sam's character already, so it's time to wrap things up.

      Can't wait for the show to return.


  3. I agree about Amelia - the storyline is so boring I always ff those flashbacks. Could't her boyfriend have been a serial killer or an mkultra labrat or SOMETHING? Kidding, but seriously, what if the dog got rabies and went Cujo on her ass...

    Loved Benny.

  4. I agree I am totally not invested in the Sam Amelia backstory. Nice! You are totally Team Dean on this one! I kinda was standing between both of them feeling the immaturity went both ways and neither was acting in a clear manner...But maybe my Sam sympathies have to do with my new found love for Revolution's Sebastian Monroe? I think it has to do with my new found love for Revolution's Sebastian Monroe...

    My review should be up soon so check it when you get the chance! :D

    1. Thanks Nicole :D

      I guess the Sam and Amelia backstory highlights the current brother relationship of Dean and Sam -- they have both went through a lot in the past year, they are in different mindsets and they are two different people with different personalities. They just need to listen to each other. While they don't have to totally understand each other, the least they can do is to respect each other's decision that occurs now and in the past year.

      I think while Dean is pissed about Sam not picking up any calls during his gap year, he has moved on -- it is what it is with Sam. But Sam is having a hard time to focus, and he is more stubborn than he should. Anyway, it's great drama. Sam's stubborness owns half the episode.

      But it has to come to an end because I don't see how Sam and Amelia can go back and forth like Carrie and Mr Big.

      2013.. bring it!!


  5. Hi Tiny
    I don't mind the Sam and Amelia story, but only because it's informing Sam's place right now and I also think it's it's part of his growth so I'm cool with it. But I want it to end...like really soon.

    I think everyone is pissed but I'm giving Sam a break at the moment because I think he's really in a bad, bad place and he's scared and stressed and angry and just doesn't know what he wants to go or where he wants to be and he's caught between what he wants and what he thinks he should do and loving his brother and all sorts of stuff and I don't think he's over Dean vanishing and I just think he's a big mess! But you're right...he's a stubborn bastard too!

    Dean on the other hand was awesome and I thought that phone move was legendary. He didn't know Amelia had picked her ex over Sam. It was a smart move, with forward planning and technical savvy and it got everyone out of an explosive situation.

    I'm loving Benny. I want more Benny. I want to cuddle Benny!

    The brother's love each other of that I'm in no doubt, so it'll all be ok.

    Lovely review Tiny. Good thinky thoughts!


    1. Thanks Amy!

      Poor Sammy, he is always in a bad place -- angry, confused, stressed. Dean is not so much better! Oh the Winchesters! The more screwed up they are, the better the drama. I am a BAD fan!

      I love Benny! Will you get to hug him?



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