03 December 2012

Supernatural Casts Henry Winchester -- Wait...WHO?

How many Winchester do we know? Dean, Sam, John, Mary and half-brother Adam. Emma may be Dean's blood but she is no Winchester. 

And now, Huffington Post has reported that the role of Henry Winchester, paternal grandfather aka John's father, has been cast for 8.12 As Time Goes By. Gil McKinney (ER) has been cast to play what Huffington Post called a 'very important role'.

We know zero about Henry Winchester, John never mentioned him, actually, no one had ever mentioned him. I hope this won't be another Samuel Campbell. Samuel was fine, but his storyarc was not as epic as I wanted it to be. Being Mary's father and a hunter, I kinda wanted him to be someone like Samuel Colt. But it is what is it and there can only be one Colt!

John wasn't a hunter until Mary died, so I can only assume Henry wasn't a hunter. But what is the significance of his role in the boys' life? And also to the overall season arc? Or will this be just another filler? I wish the show brings young John and Mary back, but this could be interesting and the shape of things to come??

Here is another snap shot of this episode from TVFilmNews:

In Episode 12, As Time Goes By, a cult member named Henry will be traveling from 1958 to 2013. Henry joins the anti-demonic group in the past to protect his 7-year-old son. Zap2It describes Henry as 'Robert Downey Jr. meets Cary Grant’…dapper, smart, and considerably cocky.' That is, until he rips open a time portal to 2013 and finds himself dazed and confused. He’s followed through the portal by 28-year-old Josie Sands, a 'sexy, strong Katharine Hepburn type…with a secret.' Sam and Dean happen upon the time travelers in their hunt for a demon, and, well, things don’t go well. 

I won't speculate now. I need to digest the awesomeness!! 

This episode is scheduled to air late January 2013. 

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  1. This guy looks more like he could have been a better actor for young john because he looks like a younger version. Matt cohen didnt strike make me believe he was young john. Leave it to a show who lets fans make decisions to hire a actor for his eye candy persona.


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