10 December 2012

This Week In TV - Revolution; OUAT; Smash; The Walking Dead

It seems that I've watched a lot of TV this week (more like last week) and I am also doing a Supernatural season two and Lost (from the beginning) rewatch.

Revolution -- Nobody's Fault But Mine

This mid-season finale is really epic. You can go read Nicole's review on this for more details. Nobody's Fault But Mine is a great way to wrap up a few storylines. It has the Kripke trademark and I think his team is mastering the arts of story-telling. Most important, this tells me the series is well planned. To me, this mid-season finale is the end of one chapter. While there are heaps to reveal, others things that should be wrapped up were wrapped up. Everyone who should be rescued, got rescued -- Danny and Rachel. Nobody died and nobody got left behind. Charlie is growing up as a strong young woman and learning to stand up for her family. And she finally found Danny. Thank you! Rachel helped Bass to switch the power back on. To what extend? Time will tell. The helicopter scene at the end was like watching a 'supposedly not operational Death Star' functional. The show down between two best friends -- Bass and Miles were definitely the highlight of this episode and the first half the season. We still don't now what made the best buddies to turn against each other, but the guys were bitter and angry. Bass is playing sympathy for the devil, but I am sure there is more to his past. David Lyons definitely has one of the best man cries on television, like Matthew Fox on Lost or Jensen Ackles on Supernatural. Lyons' tears have so much anger, you cannot help to feel his pain when Miles told him he meant nothing to him, he was not family...Ouch! This mid-season finale did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it! Bring it Georgia Federation! Whatever you're gonna do!

Revolution is now on a super long hiatus! It returns on Monday, March 25, 2013.

Once Upon A Time -- The Crocodile and The Doctor

I know! I am a few episodes behind! There are so many shows to watch, some of them will have to wait until they get fast-tracked to Australia. Channel Seven is treating OUAT pretty good this season, we get two episodes per week -- Tuesday and Thursday. I watched The Crocodile and The Doctor, which were aired last week in Australia.

The Crocodile took us back to the weak and helpless Rumpelstiltskin in the past, which I love to watch! And I really love to see the contrast of a character's past and present all in one episode. My bro finds it confusing, but I survived Lost, so OUAT is a piece of cake! The contrast helps me to understand the story and the complicity of the character. I think this is a great way to tell a story. A show has got to give viewers layers, otherwise it will be as boring as James Bond.

I was really looking forward to see Killian Jones (aka Captain Hook). I have heard nothing but great things about him. What I love about OUAT is that you get to see the backstory and transformation of the iconic fairy tale characters. I particular enjoyed Pinocchio and Mad Hatter, who are two of my favorite characters and now Captain Hook is growing on me. 

The Dark One, Rumpelstiltskin, continues to be one of the best written and performed character on the show. Rumpelstiltskin is a very mysterious character, but now we know he and Captain Hook had a history, it makes it more interesting. Don't you love it when you see two villains face off against each other? It's not the traditional good versus evil show down. It's like watching Alien versus Predictor. One question remains, where the HELL is Baelfire?

The story of The Doctor focused on Victor Frankenstein -- he is obsessed with science, not magic. The Doctor was directed by Paul A Edwards, who also directed last week's Hunteri Heroici of Supernatural, I thought I mentioned that! What I love about this episode is the visual presentation of Dr Frankenstein's lab, this kind of black and white, almost metallic look was awesome! It kinda reminds me of Dr Horrible too! Did I see it coming -- Dr Whale being Dr Frankenstein? No. But now that I know he is Dr Frankenstein, it makes his Dr Whales more interesting, because to be honest, Dr Whales was as boring as my cupcakes! I love that he is in the story but he is probably the only one who believes in science more than magic. Where is the bride?

One more thing, I thought Regina's not-so-evil-self in Storybrooke is weird. She is somewhat powerless and her power is limited. What will happen when her mother arrive? Regina is our Evil Queen. Be evil! I do feel sorry for Regina, her backstory is really interesting. Every girl can cry for a guy, Regina is no exception.

As for Emma and Snow, I miss them! We don't see them on every episode and when we do, there ain't enough! Also does Emma still call Snow as Mary Margaret? Will we hear her saying 'Mum' soon? 

Season two of Once Upon A Time returns on January 6, 2013 on ABC.

Smash -- Boomshell

I should know by now what to expect when it comes to Smash. This show could have been a smash hit. I get the theater business drama, backstepping, the girl next-door blah blah, the music and the story, the material was good, but it wasn't as well written as I expected. It's like my banana cake, I know I miss a step, I know I forget to add oil. I know there is something wrong with it, but it still looks ok and tastes ok. Just ok.

But I keep coming back for more! I secretly hope Smash to be a great show. It is just not! While there are heaps of WTF moments, but I still watch it! I still compare it with Glee. Now that Glee is following Rachel and Kurt to New York, every fiber in my body tells me "this is how Smash should be". I know they are different shows and of course the writers have different way of exploring the uniqueness of the shows. Anyway... 

Boomshell is a better episode of Smash. It was a good season finale. Everything was wrapped up and Karen was the chosen one to play Marilyn. I don't really care about a lot of them including Dev and Ellis. Whatever. I've learnt how to accept Smash, just watch it and don't yell at it. Don't expect anything! I particular didn't like the montage of the musical Boomshell, and we only got one full song in the end. The look on the faces of Julia, Tom and Eileen look relieved rather than proud. May be they are proud. But I see that as a relief to see the show begins and ends with no major problem on stage and off stage. As an audience, I feel relief too. Thank GOD this season is over! We can now move on to Jennifer Hudson! I saw the promo for season two the other day. Promo is always good even for The CW's Beauty And The Beast, but I think and I hope Jennifer Hudson's voice will at least move me the way Rachel does for Glee.

Smash season two returns on February 12, 2013 on NBC. Not sure how many episodes it will get. I guess depends how good or bad it is. Season one didn't exactly live up to the expectation.  

The Walking Dead 

I've started watching The Walking Dead! Yay! The first episode really grabbed me! I love a good nonsense zombie drama. It's not just zombies eating people or people kissing zombies -- who does that except Robert Carlye, right? It's one of those shows I need a break from it every two to three episode because it's so depressing! And because of the hot and sticky condition, I don't recommend watching it during a very hot Aussie summer day (or night). The show is into its third season, I am very behind. No spoilers please. Just let me enjoy it! 

It certainly has the I Am Legend vibe. But like IAL, I don't find one-man-show boring, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is a very good actor, I've loved him since Love Actually! The story gets more interesting as more characters are introduced.

As 2013 approaches, apart from Supernatural and others, I am super excited about A Game of Thrones. I am half way through A Dance With Dragons, and I am starting to care about what Melisandra has to say. She is either very good at what she does or sucks at her craft. Either way, I think Jon Snow is the real deal in every sense of the word! 

On that note, see ya!

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