06 October 2012

This Week in TV - Revolution; Once Upon A Time

When it comes to television, Fall is truly my favorite season and summer is literally just around the corner (well, for the Aussies anyway). I miss the sunshine, but I miss my shows more. What does it say about me? If your answer is rude, keep it to yourself. ^_^

Apart from reviewing the season eight premiere of Supernatural, I also have some thoughts about a few other shows that I watched this week -- Revolution and Once Upon A Time. 

Revolution -- 1.02 Chained Heat and 1.3 No Quarter did not disappoint. I enjoyed it more than I expected. I thought they were really good follow up episodes. First and foremost, this is a new show and it is not crap, I have established that much. It's too early to tell if this is one of the best shows ever, but then again, it depends on who you are. My mum still thinks Hart To Hart is the best damn show on earth. My point is, give it time and keep an open mind! And most importantly, just enjoy the show! It takes time to build a story and its characters. Let Kripke work his magic! I know a lot of fans are watching it and comparing it with Lost and Supernatural. Kripke always has something to say about family and survival. It's his thing! 

One of the key themes that emerges from Chained Heat and No Quarter is the Militia vs the Rebel (the Resistance) story. I like this plot. What turns Munroe to the dark side? What turns a friend to go against another? What does Rachel know about it? What happen to Grace? And what exactly does Ben know about the power? All these questions are intriguing. In No Quarter, the biggest twist is that Miles was the general of the Militia, he set the rules and he started everything. His backstory in which Munroe and Jeremy were involved was cool. They seem like the innocent partners to Miles but what went wrong? What turned them into villains of the stories? I love Mark Pellegrino as Jeremy! I think his performance was brilliant in No Quarter and I hope he will be a regular on the show. We also find out Grace build a computer and the amulet is a power source that is enough to power up the music and the iPhone. That was cool. I think the amulet is solar, and is it like a Wifi charger that we have not seen in today's world yet? 

By episode three, I figure that we are getting answers to some questions, enough for the story to go on and keep us interested. Like Lost, we didn't find out what that black monster is until very later on in the series. But at least for Revolution, we are getting probably 1/4 of the answers about the amulet. Which makes me think that Revolution has a well-planned story to tell, we need to stick around for it.

Once Upon A Time -- 2.1 Broken. What a way to return for OUAT! I think it's on most fans' minds -- who is that mysterious man in New York? Could he be Baelfire? That's my first impression. First of all, the mysterious man knows about Storybrooke, he may know the magic too. Secondly, someone who knows about Storybrooke is communicating with the mysterious man, either from the inside or somewhere close to the town. I am guessing it's August. Thirdly, whatever this mysterious man in New York is, he could be the man August was talking to on the phone in season one. If this is the case, this mysterious man is working with August.

I think Baelfire and August are working together. We know so little about Henry's father, who could be just some random guy or not. He could be someone who planned this all along. While Henry isn't anyone magical, he is an important figure in Emma's and Regina's life, I don't think his existence is random. I think it makes sense that his father is something out of the ordinary. August does have a memory of Emma and is aware of everything. I assume Baelfire's memory is intact and he remembers everything from his childhood. Perhaps Baelfire knows about Emma, Mr Gold and magic, but obviously Emma doesn't know him as Baelfire. That's just my theory.

And how funny was it to see Charming, Snow (who are now grandparents) with Henry and Emma together! Also, how will Emma and Snow get out? My guess is either the Huntsman or Jefferson. Hopefully Emma and Snow won't be there for too long. The only thing that didn't really work for me is Sleeping Beauty and Mulan. That part of the story seem a little out of place to me and I find it a bit difficult to connect. 

It's no secret that Captain Hook is a regular this season. And Jefferson is still around in the modern day. I tell you what.. Jefferson and August are two of my favorite characters on the show. And I want to see them more! Speaking of August, I wonder when he will due back. Here are the clips for next week. When it comes to spoilers for OUAT, I can handle it. With Emma gone, looks like Charming is the new sheriff. Who's gonna stop him right? He is the Prince! 

In coming weeks, I will also blog about Derren Brown -- an English illusionist, mentalist, hypnotist, painter, writer and sceptic. I am very excited about this. I don't know how he does what he does, but he is damn good at what he does! 

Have a nice TV week folks.

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