06 October 2012

Supernatural Review - Ep 8.01 We Need To Talk About Kevin

We need to talk about Supernatural! Happy 150th birthday!

The most anticipated hug.
I woke up on Thursday morning, tried so hard to get distracted from spoilers and Twitter feeds. I had coffee and crumpets for breakfast, I attempted to bake a cake but the butter and egg mix for my cake split, so I freaked a little and ended up doing it again. I tried to prepare for the dinner party, and recounted the ingredients. And then there it was! The wait was over -- the food for my soul! I consumed and it wasn't pickle chips.

Thank you Jeremy Carver!!
We Need To Talk About Kevin (WNTTAK) is the season eight premiere of Supernatural, it is written by the new co-showrunner Jeremy Carver, and directed by Robert Singer. It is the 150th episode of this amazing TV drama.

I don't even know where to begin and I am a little overwhelmed because I am so happy my favourite show is back in style and it has everything I need from a season opener. I am well fed, in fact, I am quite full. Thank you Jeremy Caver and welcome back! Now that the Supernatural writing team is a 100% boys team, what will happen? Awesome happens! 

Dean is a happy Vegemite.
I love recaps. I am a nerd, I know! But this is one of many things I love about Supernatural, the RECAPS! The opening montage with Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull is a bit of a wake up call for me. IT IS BACK! SUPERNATURAL IS BACK! After almost six months, we are back in business! A new chapter has begun and we are in for one hell of a ride.

Following the awesome recaps, we see a pair of camping couple who surprisingly survive, because they usually get killed by monsters. The new showrunner is generous and lets them live. And then, a bright light appeared in the bush -- 'the White Wizard approaches'. And a few moments later, he appeared -- the Dean Winchester. 

"Do not let him lay his eyes on us, for he will put a spell on us!" Last time someone looked at me like that, I got…

God made the perfect human being.
I am sorry…what?

So hot!
Can you blame me?

*Sign* I will try to stay on track.

Burger is a treasure.
Man in the Wilderness by Styx is a very fitting song for Dean Winchester, as he walks the earth once again. There has been many songs that describe the emotional state of minds of Dean over the years, and Man in the Wilderness is no exception.
"Another year has passed me by. Still I look a myself and cry. What kind of man have I become? All of the years I've spent in search of myself. And I'm still in the dark 'Cause I can't seem to find the light alone. Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness. I'm a lonely soldier off to war. Sent away to die -- never quite knowing why..." ~~ Man in the Wilderness by Styx
Wait Dean, you hug the wrong dude! And I see arm!! ARM!
Dean Winchester is back from Purgatory and he brought someone with him. As Jeremy Carver stated in Comic Con back in July, "Purgatory make strange bedfellows." No kidding! This is a great starting point to the Dean and Benny relationship and what it represents or symbolise. I am very intrigued after seeing Dean and Benny hugged it out! Dean doesn't hug another person willingly very often. The whole idea of Dean dealing with Benny and accepting him as an 'ally' during his journey in Purgatory is a very interesting one. Dean and Benny obviously bonded in Purgatory. Dean has never formed any 'friendship' with a monster before, so it is interesting to see the backstory, how it will develop in future episodes and the impact it will have on the brothers' relationship. Most importantly, how Sam will deal with the fact that Benny and Dean are like 'friends'. I hope Benny is not excepting to be invited to birthdays and Christmas, because Sam will not like it. 

I am your new BFF.
Despite Benny's 'good' relationship with Dean, what if he gets into trouble and starts killing people again? Will Dean kill him and send him back to Purgatory? Perhaps that's why Dean keeps reminding him to get his nose clean, because Benny knows too well that Dean will send his ass back to Purgatory. I wonder if we will see Benny's backstory as well -- how he became a vampire and all that. I think Ty Olsson's performance and his character bring something fresh to the show. For once, the show is not introducing another hunter ally, humans are vulnerable, but monsters are different because they have supernatural tricks up their sleeves. From what I can see from this episode alone, Benny's character is neither a good guy or bad guy, he is in the gray area. I actually like this kind of character a lot, because he is not vanilla and he is not a cliche good guy either. I'd be interesting in getting to know Benny more for sure! Overall, a great addition to the show.

Insert excuse for using this pic.
I think WNTTAK deals with Dean's emotion pretty well and very up front about his feelings. I am glad the brothers had the conversation in the motel room. And since when Dean is not on edge, not shaky and not having that look on his face? Dude, your brother just came back from Purgatory, how about you? I think Dean is in a better shape now than he was when he returned from hell or when he returned from his gap year with Lisa and Ben. To Dean, Hell represents guilt because Dean gave in and tortured souls. His gap year was weird for him because it was way too Stepford for him. But Purgatory represents purity, it's a 'free wild land', you kill monsters or get killed by monsters. There is no debate about right or wrong. It feels right for Dean. During his time in Purgatory, Dean was hunting non-stop and keeping fit! In his mind, or perhaps it is a fact that, Dean wasn't 'dead' and he was very much alive. There is no doubt that it was also exhausting too. It is established that Dean never lets his guard down. Everyday was like a 360 degree combat but he kept on fighting every hour to stay alive and to look for Cas, who was noticeably missing from the season premiere.

What about Sam? He had a gap year. He saved a dog, got a girlfriend, grew his hair longer. He quitted hunting. He realised it wasn't up to him to save people. I know it's unfair to say, "Oh Sammy why didn't you look for Dean?" The brothers always promise each other not to look for each other but they always ignore that. I guess back in season six, Dean didn't look for Sam because he made a promise and Dean kept that promise. He could've looked for a way to get Sam out of hell and away from Lucifer, but that would have been an extremely complicated task. And when Dean went to hell, Sam did look for Dean but he was just unsuccessful. And this time Sam just didn't look at all, he just left his hunting life behind. Sam didn't even know Dean was in Purgatory. I think he should have found out where his brother disappeared to. Sam should have looked for Cas and Kevin too. But he didn't. Is it wrong? Sam said it wasn't up to him to save people. But Sam is not ordinary person, he is one of the best hunters in the world. But it's for the plot. It'll be interesting to see how the brother relationship will continue to develop in future episodes. 

Every time I do something right, I do something wrong. Did I do something wrong again?
The Sam in this episode reminds me of the Sam in Dark Side of the Moon. And both episodes, WNTTAK and Dark Side of the Moon remind me of one thing -- if Dean has the big brother syndrome, Sam has the little brother syndrome. Little Sammy watched TV while Dean cooked for him; Sam chose a dog over his family; Sam had Thanksgiving dinner with another family; Sam left his family and went to Stanford; and the "Ok, I was wrong, sorry, anything else?" Sam…all these are very 'little brother-y' things. Sam has this 'every time I do something right, I do something wrong' thing going on.

Sam, this it not an iPhone.
I don't think Dean was pissed because Sam simply quitted hunting or ditched the phones. I think he was pissed because Sam didn't think this through and he was careless. He had completely forgotten about Kevin who was their responsibility. Responsibility! Dean is more than capable of taking care of himself, great! But Kevin is a civilian and could be in danger. That's carelessness. But Sam is a human, he kinda had a moment where he went "I ain't doing this shit no more. I am going to get myself a life." And obviously there is something about Amelia that influences Sam's attitude about life and stuff.

Kevin happens when you don't pay attention!
That's right! Kevin happens when you don't pay attention! He could be one of the most well developed characters since Castiel. Good thing Kevin learnt to take care of himself. For a young guy like Kevin who didn't give in to Crowley and realised his role to fight evil, that's bravery! If Sam answered his calls and helped, Kevin would never have become a hunter. I think Kevin is one of the highlights of this episode. I dig his character. I like the fact that Kevin is involved now, more than Chuck before, who was always reluctant. The direction of the character Kevin is refreshing -- he wants to do this, he knows it's up to him to save the world. He may not like it but he knows this is what he needs to do. Kevin will continue to grow as a man, as a hunter and as a prophet. He is one smart kid. He even tricked Mr Crowley, not once but twice! I wonder who is Kevin's angel? If he is ever in danger, which angel will rain down from heaven on that threat? And, are there many more iPads with the words of God? Tablets.. sorry.. tablets!

Speaking of the words of God, I LOVE THE NEW OPENING TITLE.. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Supernatural has one of the best titles and it is one of those things I most look forward to each season.

I think I am at the Easter Show.
We need to talk about Crowley! I think this is probably one of the things this episode couldn't elaborate, otherwise it would be too much. Crowley is after something, that's why he asked Kevin to translate the tablet. What could Crowley be possibly looking for? Does he even know what he is looking for specifically? Also, remember what I say about Crowley may not be a demon because his eyes never change colour? Well, I am having a second thought, because the holy water seemed to have a (minor) effect on him when he walked into Kevin's trap. Damn! I was so close! Crowley trusts Kevin because he thinks he is innocent and doesn't know how to con him? That's too cute! 

Who have I missed? Yes, BABY is.. oh BABY.. I am so sorry about the dog! Dean knows it! I wish Dean can take care of me, like he takes care of BABY! 

Guys, this is not funny.. I am still here.
Who else? I am sure I miss someone… Oh yes, Castiel! Where is our nerdy fluffy winged angel? Dean didn't 'see' him dead. He can't be dead. What exactly did Dean mean when he said 'he saw enough?" Is Cas still in Purgatory? Is Cas stuck between portals? There is so little information about Cas in this episode, which is extremely cryptic. Dean never stopped looking for him in Purgatory, how long were they apart? What the hell happened to Cas? Obviously they tried to get out of Purgatory together as Team-Free-Themselves. Very intrigued! Castiel will appear in next week's episode, but not as Tiger Mama. 

You like that?
A few other not so random things that I love:

Hairdo #1 -- Dean Dean Dean! I have no idea you just came back from Purgatory. Purgatory must have a good salon.

Hairdo #2 -- Sam.. surely you can do something, anything, to your hair. And what kind of girlfriend you are, Amelia, if you can't even take Sam to a salon? But then again, may be she finds it hot.

Hairdo #3 -- Thank you Crowley, who has a good taste in tailor and I assume a hairdresser too, for cutting Kev's hair!

The brotherly hug and reunion -- this is gotta be one of the best reunion ever on the series!!! This is one of my favourite scenes in the episode. Dean was making sure Sam wasn't a demon or anything supernatural; and Dean put salt and holy water on himself, and cut himself.. that was adorable!

The hug -- Of course, give your brother a hug!!

The burger -- It's a treasure! Oh Dean!

Coffee -- As someone pointed out on Twitter, it's GREAT to see Dean holding a coffee rather than a beer in his hand.

Sam Weeson -- He is back with all that IT talk! *nerd*

So, fans, what do you think of We Need To Talk About Kevin?

Here is next week's episode is What's Up, Tiger Mommy? Here is the promo and description if you missed them.

MRS. TRAN JOINS SAM AND DEAN ON THE ROAD — Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) talks Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) into checking in on his mother (guest star Lauren Tom). When they arrive, they see that Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) has surrounded her with demons so they rescue her and take her along on their quest to find the tablet. However, they soon discover Kevin wasn’t kidding when he said his mother was a strong-willed woman after she tries to take on Crowley. John Showalter directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin. 


  1. Deanie_24 -Great review, tis episode certainly inspired a lot of questions... I like to roll with the punches & wait to see what happens next week. This season is gonna be epic!!

    1. Thanks V.. Agree. This season is going to be epic. I think Jeremy is bringing something fresh to the show. He is not reinventing the wheel but he is making it better with his own stamp on it. I mean, time will tell.

      Feel so lucky as a fan!


  2. Tmateotb - Ty said in an interview we do get Benny's backstory, I'm looking forward to that too. Your article also made me think about how Cas will interact with Benny if and when he returns. Not well most likely!!! I really liked your ideas on Dean's idea of purity in purgatory, I haven't seen anyone talk about it much yet. I totally agree about the little brother syndrome he had going on in this ep, and Dean being hurt by Sam not looking for him but angered he just left Kevin to his fate. I also see though that Sam would have been a mess, all alone, Bobby, Cas and Dean all gone within one day after the year he'd had slowly going insane because of Lucifer...all of it would have messed him up bad. Plus I think there's things we don't know yet. Thanks, great review!

    1. Thanks Trish! xoxo

      I am too very intrigued to know Benny. He is definitely someone we have not seen on the show. The show is not introducing 'just another hunter or monster." I think, like Kevin, Benny can be another well-developed characters who will definitely serve a great purpose. :)

      Dean has been depressed. And I think while Dean is still the shaky, on edge Dean, he is in a much better shape NOW then before. He hasn't had a holiday or been to hell (where he felt nothing but guilt), but he has been hunting non-stop. To me, his time in Purgatory is like Luke Skywalker in training with Yoda, he was away, but he was busy!!

      I just love the fact that Jeremy Carver is back. I love it!

      Season 8.. bring it!!!


  3. Nice one Tiny! I really loved this ep. I loved all the character set up, where we found Dean, what that says about where he is personally, how he's changed and how that will be investigated for good and bad, and also what on earth he's been up to. And I love where we found Sam, what his year was, why he made those choices and what really happened. There's a lot more to Sam's story and I feel bad for him that he's been taking a blasting. I think his reaction to the dog showed that he was in a pretty bad place and I for one am giving him a break. The poor dude lost everything and everyone. I think the whole set up is full of intrigue and one of the most interesting and exciting premieres for a long time, probably since season 4.

    Thanks Tiny, nice work!

    1. Thanks Amy.. I read your review too.. will leave a comment shortly.

      Sam as a character is sometimes hard for me to write about, I know I always see him as the guy with the little brother syndrome. But Sam is Sam, and he needs Dean, same way Dean needs Sam. And when Sam takes care of his brother, I love that! The brother dynamic is the most interesting theme on the show. I promise I will spend more time understanding Sam in the future where appropriate.


  4. I think for me the best part of the episode was the very first like 'Saving people hunting things.' Probably the greatest line in SPN history.
    I was beginning to worry that they were going to have soulless Dean when they made mention of him not sleeping and when he refused food. But alas he has a soul. Yay. Cant wait to see where this season goes.

    1. Thanks Kara.. Good point about Dean and his food (burger, to be specific).. and it proves that he is a human. Hehe..

      I think Jensen recorded that line "saving people hunting things...family business" His voice is more Batman in this.

      Thanks again.. love xoxo

  5. Very good review! I like new addition characters like Kevin & Benny. We knew Kevin from last season. But this Kevin is totally different! He's smart kids! But more like Sam, he didn't choose but have to be in this mess. I like the scene which Sam talks to Kevin about being unexpected hunter !
    Benny is other way make grey area for the show! Which line we choose draw from now ! Sam would question his brother judgement ! and if dean have to kill Benny would be another drama for Dean! like u said we've never seen Dean give anybody a hug like that other than Sam & Bobby! Even Cas was not like that ! Sorry Destiel fans. Agreed with u about Sam has little brother syndrome I like that they make story close to human emotion! Cos not too heroic story ! well done Carver Edlund !! :) ha ha
    I cant wait to watch the unfold story ! early day But not disapointed so far !!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yup, you're right about the story being so close to human emotion. It's the human drama that makes Supernatural so interesting to watch. And they put the 'emotions' into character such as Cas, the angel. Awesome stuff. I too can't wait to watch more!!


  6. Just one thing, Dean DID try to find a way to get Sam out of the pit when he was with Lisa and Ben, despite his promise not to. In fact, he told Bobby that when he found out Bobby knew Sam was alive and didn't tell him.

    1. Thanks.. yes.. actually. That's why Dean was so pissed -- how come I didn't know about this.

  7. Nice Tiny! there was just so much going on here! I can't wait to see how the story plays out! I think Benny will be a great addition to the show too. Kind of hoping Amelia goes the wayside as I haven't really liked what I have seen so far. You've seen my review and commented already! I know we saw a few different things and that's one of the wonderful things about this show! It really sparks so much interesting conversation! :D Thanks Tiny!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I realise I haven't really mentioned Amelia. I think she is important to Sam and his attitude towards life during the past year in the story, but I think her character is almost like Lisa. They both mean something to the brothers, but they are just not part of their lives. My hope is that, they won't do a Lisa -- making her a victim, turning her into a demon or something, and then Sam or Dean has to kill her or erase her memory.

      Can't wait to Tiger Mommy.. bring it Futurama!



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