15 October 2012

This Week in TV - Revolution; OUAT; Merlin; NBC's Today

I am loving FALL TV. Have I mentioned it before? This is probably the first time I am actually loving the TV season. There are so many great shows to watch! I have only just managed to watch last week's Revolution! There are still a few shows pending on the to-watch list, including Being Human (US), The Walking Dead, Falling Skies and Glee. Thank goodness, A Game of Thrones is not out until March.

Revolution -- The Plague Dogs was pretty awesome. I've known for awhile that Anne Cofell Saunders is on the team. She served as a producer and writer on Smallville. I was surprised that I shed a tear. My first for Revolution!! I do cry during TV and movies, but considering I didn't cry for Supernatural until season two, Lost and Chuck until the series finale, I am very surprised that I cried this early for Revolution! And I never paid much attention to Maggie! Why am I so emotional? I think when I cry for a show, it means something is working for me, something is touching me. And all of the sudden, it's personal! It means something to me. 

I thought the story of Maggie was ok, however the way it was delivered, totally got it! The way they tell her story through the direction, the dialogues and Anna Lise Phillips' performance really moved me. Maggie's death scene was touching, thanks for the brilliant editing work. Before she closed her eyes, we cut back to her and her kids in flashback. As the camera pulled out, we cut back to her dying. That was so Gladiator. That's how they constructed the Maximus' death scene. And we saw Charlie crying and hugged by Miles. Oh that was good! Very good!

The only thing that could've worked better for me is that that it should've focused on one character's flashback rather than having multiple storylines, it is a bit too much. Like, Maggie's story should've been the focus, but we also see Rachel and that creepy guy with the dogs. I hate his dogs, they remind me the wolves in The Day After Tomorrow. They scare me. I love seeing Rachel. She is SO Juliet! But I love it! She made me cry! I like how Miles was the one to call her in, but we still don't know why.

One more thing on Revolution for the week, I think Tracy Spiridakos is getting better. I think this is her best performance so far. I think she definitely has this strong female character thing going on. And I think Nate totally has a crush on her! 

Once Upon A Time -- I almost didn't give up on Seven (a TV network in Australia) but I totally did because they are just oh-so-slow on bringing back one of my TV shows. This week's OUAT also made me cry! The Emma and Snow relationship is so good to watch! I love the fact that Emma came out and confronted Snow about her feelings and said she wasn't used to other people putting her first. I love that Emma gets to see how hard her mother fought for her and how strong Snow is as a fighter. Goodbye Mary Margaret! It was a great thing to see Emma and Snow went back to the Castle, where Emma was born, as depicted on Henry's book.

I also love the Grandpa-Grandson dynamic of Henry and Charming. I knew what I said about David in season one. Goodbye David! But now that he isn't weak anymore, I am digging Charming! I love seeing Jefferson on my screen! I love Seb Stan! I also think that perhaps Regina is in LaLaLand! Why is she acting so normal? She is an Evil Queen! So BE an Evil Queen! Stir up some drama! This got me thinking. What's Regina's deal? There is no way she is becoming good, right? What will happen when her mother is here? It's more than likely than not that her mother and Regina will confront each other again! 

Merlin -- Shut up! I do watch it despite many things in questions. I mean.. why does Merlin say "hello" and "OK"? But I do watch it if it's on my TV. Evil Bitch Morgana is so good to watch. She is probably the only good thing about the show, in terms of drama. Was it just me or did you also ask yourself, "Wait a second, am I watching A Game of Thrones?" The snow, the wolf, the darkness and Davos (Liam Cunningham). I mean, it's probably good for the show, I know it's written as a family show but when it has the darkness in it, I like it. It gives the show the depth that I like. Hint I like Morgana, because evil is good to watch and she is a good villain of the story! 

Arrow -- If you have missed my Arrow series premiere review, check it out!

Supernatural -- If you have missed my What's Up, Tiger Mommy? review, check it out!  

NBC's Today & Meet The Press -- I have been watching the NBC's TODAY Show lately. I guess perhaps my trip is coming up and I want to see what people wear. It's definitely not that cold, which is good! I see a Revolution poster in shot, it must be located just outside the NBC Studio/ Store. I love the Store. I went there like three times last time. Don't ask! OK.. ask!! I love all the Chuck merchandise!!! 

What's interesting on the NBC's Meet The Press is that they have their usual roundtable, and they have been focusing on the Presidential Campaign. So this morning they talked foreign policy and all that. But David Gregory also interviewed Stephen Colbert where he talked about his satire and his character, and his purpose being being a 'funny' man. It's definitely a totally different ballgame and media landscape. I never really realise how much Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart could influence viewers on politics and current affair, especially young voters -- how they get the 'news' and 'opinions'. What's interested and it's been stuck on my mind the whole day is that Colbert said about his satire:
"...There's a political industrial complex that is not only raising money but that is built around making money off of the fact that there is so much money in politics, and that there are almost no rules."
Colbert also said satire always has a point. It's not just pointless silly comedy. 

I don't normally pay attention to politics, but I find myself in a different position the past 12 months, whether it be Australia or US politics. SHIT! Is this a sign?? I am growing up?

Before I go, just wanted to let you know that I am offsite for a few weeks. So don't freak if you don't see me blogging as I will have limited internet access. Brace yourself for a few weeks without me in your life (go ahead, you can cry!) Upon my return, brace yourself for the mother of all epic report and photos on SUPERNATURAL CHICAGO CONVENTION. Although I may not be able to blog, but you know where to find me.. Twitter birdy.  

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