02 October 2012

The Premiere Is Near - Supernatural

Two more sleeps to go until the season eight premiere of Supernatural and I am on lockdown. 

There was an advance screening for the press. Based on the tweets from those I follow on Twitter, their words are good! This will only get me more excited than ever and I really can't wait. I know I say this a lot, but I really cannot wait! 

I won't read any preview features and clips but KSite has a few tidbits which isn't too spoilers. I love the guys at KSite! Why? Because it is always great to get the guys perspective rather than the ladies.  

Miss me?
This is usually the time I revisit some of the stuff I blog earlier. Here is my five cents on what I expect from this season.

Is it Wednesday yet? The season premiere of Supernatural, We Need To Talk About Kevin, airs on Wednesday. WATCH IT! 

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