01 October 2012

New Segment - Weekly Feature

I have been thinking about this for awhile. Since 2009, the Impala's Trunk has been mainly reviewing my favorite television show Supernatural. Occasionally, I blog about other shows such as Lost, Glee and A Game of Thrones, and now Revolution and possible many more. Despite the fact that I am only one person, I am not a machine and I write slow, I do want to blog about other shows that I watch as some kind of reflection. I started blogging a few years ago because it is a form of diary writing for me, it is a great way to document my thoughts and a great way to collect fragments that inspire me to become a good storyteller. That's really the key reason behind my blog. 

From now on, apart from the usual Supernatural review, the Impala's Trunk will also have a new segment that consists of the television shows that I watch during the week or so. I am thinking two to four shows max. The shows may or may not be the same every week, it's based on the stuff I watch during the week that worth blogging. They are not a full on 1,000 word in-depth review (and I don't do recap), but more like a snap shot of the episode, the storyarc and the characters as well as the after-thoughts or my crackpot theories. And yes, it will be like a 'This Week in TV With Tiny' kinda thing.

Hope you will tune in and share your thoughts with me.

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