25 September 2012

Emmys Best Dress - Zooey Deschanel, Emilia Clarke & Ginnifer Goodwin

I don't normally do this because, first and foremost, I don't like awards shows, I get why there are a gazillion of them, but perhaps my favorite shows and actors are never there, so what's the point? But it is the night of nights for not only actors but the behind the scene people who work so hard. Awards could be a dull affair, as some would say, but things like this mean a lot to these people. So, I respect that.

I only watch awards shows (thank you YouTube) if my favorite people appear the shows and depends on who host the shows. I always love watching the opening (musical) numbers and monologue. I gotta say, one of my favorite hosts is David Letterman when he hosted the Oscar in 1995. Despite what the 'critics' said, I like the fact that Dave made it into his own show by including his Top Ten List segment. That was quite entertaining to me. Apart from Dave, I always love hosts such as Billy Crystal and Neil Patrick Harris and I always love a talk show hosts hosting the Emmys or something. 

I can be a sucker for late night talk shows. I don't know what is it, but we don't get them in Australia, and watching late night talk shows remind me of being away from home. I like that because I love traveling. I remember last year when I get to LA and NY, I was like -- can I be back at the hotel for Jimmy Fallon? I am not admitting I love the guy, I am saying I like the idea of watching late night talk shows. Anyway, I apologise for not making any sense because I am having a food-hangover. 

So, I have decided to blog about the Emmys this year. Not that I care about who wins what, I am sure they all deserve it. But what I love, sometimes, is the red carpet. Dresses speak personalities sometimes and a few dresses caught my eyes this year. I just love their dresses and I want them NOW! They are not the traditional boring dresses and these dresses show character! Good on them for making great choices about their dresses and the colours. They look absolutely stunning!!! Their dress choice is very close to my personal taste. Here are my selections...

Emilia Clarke
I love Emilia. I think she is so pretty and she is awesome as Dany in A Game of Thrones. I love her British accent. And I love her dress! LOVE! I WANT THAT DRESS!!! You can watch her red carpet interview with Pop Sugar here.


Zooey Deschanel
I love Zooey. I just love how adorkable she is, I love her creativity, her attitude, her work (singing, acting and her Hello Giggle). Despite my attempt in getting her hairdo fails, I love her hair! I love her Oliver Peoples glasses in New Girl. And I love this shot of Jim Parson and Zooey. I want them to do a movie together! I love her dress, it's so classy, so Zooey! She is just gorgeous!

Ginnifer Goodwin
Not many women look good with short hair, but I am really digging Ginnifer's short hair, she looks so beautiful and classy. I love the colour of her dress. Not many actresses can walk the red carpet with that kind of vibrant colour and look beautiful at the same time. LOVE THE ORANGE! That's my kind of pattern too! I want to touch it!


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