17 September 2012

J2 Thanked YOU For Your Support; Re-arranging the DVD Store

I think it's safe to say that you will never get the cliche thank you message from Jensen and Jared. What happened after this shot was too funny, I cannot wait but watch it like 1,000 times. I hope the Incredible Jarpad-Hulk didn't really hurt Jensen.. Hehehe 

To show their appreciation, here is Jensen and Jared thanking fans for showing their support on the Supernatural official Facebook page with 10 million 'likes'.

Oct 3 is near! I may eat a pie to celebrate on the day. Who's with me? 

Speaking of showing appreciation, I was at my local DVD store on the weekend, and I couldn't help but to rearrange the rack with Supernatural DVDs. Season two was missing at the store, but it's a good effort. 

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