19 September 2012

SG1's Amanda Tapping Joins Supernatural

I am geeking out right friggin now! 

As I was preparing for bed last night after somewhat an excruciating double episode of Smash, I was glad I went to bed happy. The news was in, Stargate SG1/ Atlantis (SGA) 'Colonel Samantha Carter' Amanda Tapping is set to join Supernatural in a major recurring role. I am going to drop a spoiler, it's public information, that she will play an angel. I love the word 'recurring'! 

For those who haven't watched SG1 and SGA, Amanda's role as Carter is iconic in the eye of sci-fi fans. The kind of smart, strong female that is a role model for all. She is no stranger to sci-fi fans and convention goers. I love her and miss her work! I suggest you watch it. SG1 has only ten seasons, it's not really that much. Amanda was in SGA for season four and five, and appeared a few times before that. 

A number of SG1 and SGA actors were cast in Supernatural previously -- Michael Shanks (aka SG1's Dr Daniel Jackson) scored a guest star role in 99 Problems; Michael's wife Lexa Doig (aka SG1's Dr Lam) was Risa in The End; Jewel Staite (SGA's Dr Keller) was Amy Pond in The Girl Next Door; Corin Nemec (SG1's Jonas) was Christian Campbell and Mitch Pileggi (SGA's Caldwell) was Grandpa Samuel. I am still waiting for Richard Dean Anderson, Chris Judge and Ben Browder to be on Supernatural. May as well!! 

According to various sources, Jeremy Carver has recently revealed that the angels are returning to the show in a big way this season. You can expect Amanda's character Naomi will play a major role in the angel's return to the story. Amanda is tentatively set to make her first appearance in episode 8.07 A Little Slice of KevinThe cast will have so much fun with Amanda. You can read the announcement about her role via Zap2It.

This is really fantastic news for fans of these franchises, Amanda is huge in the fandom and loved by many. There isn't one fan of SG1/ SGA who doesn't love her. So I am really looking forward to her appearance. May be we can have a mini SG1/ SGA sub session at Supernatural conventions? Just saying! 


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