13 September 2012

Supernatural Promo & Pic - 525600 minutes, 8760 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, 1 year later

Spoilers alert!

525600 minutes, 8760 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, 1 year later...here comes another most anticipated promo of Supernatural! We witness the Winchester brotherly hug; Dean looking like he just stepped out of the set of My Bloody Valentine 3D; Sam manages to keep his hair spoofy; speaking of hair, Kevin has a new hairdo; and Cas is hugging himself by the river. The hero's quest is important, like...'we can shut the gate of hell forever' important!

I cannot be more excited than I am right friggin now. This hellatus has been hell. Every hellatus is hell, but this time is a little different, because like the new co-showrunner Jeremy Carver said, the Winchesters are playing offence for the first time in a long time. This is really refreshing and I simply cannot wait for season eight to begin!

Supernatural usually starts a season with a family-related problem where the Winchester brothers are in the left, right, centre of the story. The "saving people, hunting things, FAMILY BUSINESS" has always been the motivation for the Winchesters. Season one started off with the 'we gotta find dad' quest, involving the brothers' journey in finding the M.I.A. John Winchester who was obsessed in finding the Yellow Eyed Demon (YED) for killing his wife Mary. Season two started off with the death of John Winchester, which set things in motion in ways we did not expect. Season two refocused on the family quest in finding and killing the YED once and for all, and it also revealed to us there was something about Sam as a 'special boy', which strengthened the mythology of the show as well as set the storyline for the next few seasons. 

In retrospect, I always see season one and two as the part one and two of the John and Mary Winchester saga. Season three was served as the catalyst to move the Winchester saga forward, involving the brothers in a bigger picture, in which Dean and Sam both played a bigger role in saving people and the world from the war of heaven and hell, specifically. Season four and five were the paid off seasons, while the show still very much centred around the Winchester family, it was revealed that the family, the bloodline, has been heavily involved in the war of heaven and hell. For the first time, the Winchester was placed in a bigger supernatural landscape as a family, and they were part of angels' grand plan in bringing paradise on earth. Questions were always asked at the beginning of these seasons -- Why did the angels bring Dean back from hell? Will Lucifer break free? Will Dean and Sam say 'yes'? Will Dean and Sam fight each other? Can Dean and Sam prevent the apocalypse from taking place? The brothers didn't always know what to expect or what their goals were until something happened. In season six and seven, the brothers focused on fixing problems, dealing with the aftermaths of the apocalypse, and running and hiding from Leviathans. While dealing with Sam's soul, the brothers were stripped from their tools, friends and other resources, they were taken out of their comfort zone.

While everything is remained to be seen, it seems that in season eight will reset the motion and try something different. It is not a spoiler that, in season eight, the brothers will know what they have to do from the get-go (assuming Kevin's prophecy is not deceiving) and Dean and Sam will play offence. They have clues and hopefully a plan to move forward without being pushed to do something by the demons, angels or Leviathans. They may have a upper hand, so to speak. We may see the brothers in a position where the angels, demons and Leviathans once were -- these villains of the story knew their goal, when to make a move, and how they might be able to reach their goal -- so I think Dean and Sam may find themselves in a similar position and be very smart and careful about their plan of attack, specially when it involves closing the gate of hell once and for all. 

Dean and Sam aside, what I love about this season, based on the promo, is Kevin. It seems that he has grown up, acting almost like a well-seasoned hunter. He looks like a completely different person, different from the kid he once was in season seven. He will remain to be an important recurring character in season eight. I am so intrigued about his character as a prophet and what he's been doing the past year, what Crowley wants, and did he give up on advance placement? 

Jeremy Carver mentioned that he has a three year plan, potentially taking the show to its tenth season. We know whatever the season eight storyline is, not everything will be resolved by the end of the season. It's almost guaranteed that the season eight finale will have a cliffhanger. I will be disappointed if we don't see a cliffhanger! I am excited!! Really excited!!! It will be refreshing to see the show to start off exactly the way Jeremy Carver describes and I think season eight will be epic!!! 

I am in love with the storytelling journey of Supernatural. I am a huge fan, but I am also a student. I really learn a lot by reading the show. Thank you team! Keep up the good work!

Supernatural season eight premiers on October 3rd! DO NOT MISS IT!!! 

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