04 May 2012

Supernatural Season 8 Renewal; My Wish List

Supernatural through different eras of awesomeness.
No Emoji can describe how excited I am right friggin now! Cue my song of the week Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves.

Try waking with this awesome news is unbelievable! I was like..."wait a second.. am I dreaming?"

With Jeremy Carver (not exactly Chuck Shirley) has already been confirmed to return as a co-showrunner with Robert Singer (not the character Bobby Singer), it comes as no surprise that‎ Supernatural has been renewed for season eight. Check out the short release as posted on TV Guide.

I am always excited about renewals for Supernatural, but this time is somewhat different. I think the return of Jeremy Carver is the closest thing to having Joss Whedon to pen for Supernatural. Too much?

What we get from the press normally don't have anything about the writing staff, what I am most interested to know is who will be writing for the season. I assume Ben Edlund and Robbie Thompson will remain as writing staff. I like the others, but with Carver, Edlund and Thompson, I think we are good!

Before he left the show to run Syfy's Being Human (which I love), Jeremy Carver wrote 12 episodes for Supernatural including Point of No Return, Changing Channels, Free to Be You and Me, The Rapture, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Mystery Spot and In the Beginning. Now you know why I am so excited to see Jeremy back on the show!!

So, what's on my wish list for season eight? I don't care how random they are... You know you want it too!
  • Ben Edlund and Robbie Thompson to remain and write until their hands bleed
  • Eric Kripke to come back at least a few hours to break the stories with Jeremy Carver
  • Joss Whedon to direct an episode written by Ben Edlund
  • Young John and Mary to return because we all love Amy and Matt
  • Old John and Mary to return, I think it's imperative to have Jeffrey Dean Morgan to return to the show just once before it ends. (By the way, season eight was not announced as the last season. More convention for me?)
  • Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund to pen an episode featuring Chuck Shirley
  • Felicia Day and DJ Qualls to be promoted to be season regular (what are the chances, right?!)
  • Misha Collins to return (period!)
  • As much as I love Bobby, I think he deserves a hunter funeral
  • Ben Edlund to write his ninja episode and plenty of shurikens
  • Tones of dead people should come back, I don't care!! Ash, Gabriel, Ellen, Jo.. I want a Harry Potter dead people scene!
  • Ghostfacers!
  • The backstory of Samuel Colt, the Colt (how and why) and Ruby's knife 
  • DEATH returns to eat taco with Dean
  • Comic Con; Hall H 
  • Tom Welling to guest star and Dean to say, "Suck it, Superman."
The season premier of season eight of Supernatural will also be the series' 150th episode. That cannot be more awesome!! Suck it Tom Welling.. ok.. not yet! 

What's on your wishlist?

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  1. I want Jesse back.(Look it had to be said)
    I would like Missouri back too, I always felt like there was more to her story.
    I would love an explanation about Adam too...
    And Angels. I loved the Angel storylines
    And Death.
    But yeah I agree with you Tiny, Bobby needs to have the hunters funeral.


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