18 May 2012

J2 at The CW Up Fronts Green Carpet; Supernatural Moves to Wednesdays With a New Partner in Crime (Fighting), Arrow

Supernatural is finally out of purgatory!  

Photo credit: Eric Goldman of IGN
When Smallville and Supernatural were on the same nights, that was pretty epic for a TV schedule -- whether it was a way to attract more male audience or not, and not that I tuned in in real time (because I don't live in the States.. And don't ask me where I live, I'd probably tell you I live in a shoebox in the middle of the road with high speed internet access). Jensen Ackles + Jarpad + Tom Welling = radioactive hottest!

Photo credit: Sandra Gonzalez of EW
So, hot off the press.. The CW has announced their Fall TV schedule, they are pairing up Arrow (8pm) and Supernatural (9pm) for Wednesdays! I don't know about you, but that's a very good night of entertainment for fans who love superhero and supernatural stuff! Supernatural was on Tuesdays, then Thursdays and Fridays...now on Wednesdays...Supernatural season nine will probably be on Mondays? Oh wait...what...season nine? (You never know!)

Photo credit: Robyn Ross of TVGuide
Arrow is one of those shows I am kind of excited about. It could turn out like Smallville or the other way, The Cape. But I hope it sticks around, because I think TV needs superheroes. So when is Marvel making the Avenger TV series.. or something? The thing I am excited about Arrow is Katie Cassidy, (Ruby 1.0 in Supernatural.) AWESOME!

Friday nights are usually a dead spot for TV shows, it's purgatory. I think when the CW (cough cough Dawn Ostroff) moved Supernatural to Friday nights, a lot of fans were scared. I don't know about you, but I think the CW new boss Mark Pedowitz shows a lot of support to Supernatural. The show laughed in the face of death, they have defied gravity and KICKED IT IN THE ASS! Anyhoo, Supernatural will return in October instead of September. And in October, I will be in the States!!! WOOT WOOT

Want to see the season eight description, which they won't tell you much! Go to Winchester Daily for details. It is basically a summary of season one to seven.

Source Hollywood Reporter and LATimes and TVGuide

Watch this space for more photos and news in Part 2. The CW Up Fronts has just begun with Flo Rida doing the opening. Peace out!! V_V

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  1. I love Mark Pedowitz. Did I tell you I sent him a thank you card for his support during last year? Well I did!


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