15 May 2012

Preview: Kripke/ Abrams / Favreau's REVOLUTION

I watched the newly released clips of NBC's new show Revolution. Long time visitors know that I've been covering the story from the moment Kripke and Abrams started working on the story. I think Jon Favreau is brilliant choice to direct the Pilot.. You go big or you go home.

You can watch all the clips here. Revolution is certain looking very big, very epic and very Lost/ I Am Legend/ Supernatural/ Jericho. (But no zombies.) I am really looking forward to this show and there will be reviews, news etc.. While I don't know the cast too well, I'm in for Kripke, Abrams and Favreau. I am a huge fan!

Kripke being the master of writing and ideas, Abrams being the seasoned producer and Favreau being the director of the first Iron Man movies, and producer for The Avengers and the up-coming Iron Man. This formula has success and epic written all over it!

In an interview at yesterday's Up-Front, Favreau gave us some insights into his involvement and how the team dynamic going to work this season:
"I’m going to be involved. I’m going to be a producer on the show, and I’m as soon as I’m done out here, I’m going to go back and hit the writers room and Eric is going to be breaking stories for the new season with J.J. and myself, and then hopefully either direct or be involved some way for future episodes." -- Jon Favreau. Full interview is on The Hollywood Reporter.
Revolution is coming this Fall on Monday nights on NBC. Glad the show is not on FOX!

The Revolution website is up, you can also follow the show on Twitter @NBCRevolution 

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