18 May 2012

More Thoughts on Supernatural Season Eight & Beyond; and J2 Photos from The CW Up Fronts

Photo credit: BuzzFocus
It's been awhile since Supernatural goes into the hiatus with an extremely positive vibe. Moving to Wednesday is a big move, it's obvious the CW thinks the show deserves to be in a good prime time slot, but the CW boss Mark Pedowitz also told the press yesterday at the Up Fronts some very positive news going forward: “I’m not looking at season 8 as the final year in any way, shape or form.”

Photo credit: BuzzFocus
Photo credit: Eric Goldman of IGN. We love Eric!
This helps new co-showrunner, Jeremy Carver and his team to plan two seasons ahead. I think once a show goes to five and then gets one more season, and then it goes on for two seasons, it should get a full ride to ten. But that's me talking, right? Fans? Smallville didn't get my full attention and my love until season eight because of Brian and Kelly and some brilliant writings, and Erica Durance stepping into the leading lady role.. the mytho just gets stronger. Smallville is a great example of with a great formula going forward to its tenth season. YOU CAN DO IT! There is no reason why Supernatural can't keep up. I have faith in the writers and the cast. We want it. We want it. We want it!

PS, Jensen looks like a movie star! Him in a grey suit, light blue shirt with a champagne gold tie is a winner. Like "Thank you for the academy" kinda winner! OMG!

Photo credit: BuzzFocus
Photo credit: BuzzFocus
There are a few spoilers from the cast about the season finale.. I tried not to read it, but Jensen made me!!! I won't tell you, go find it yourself. I am on finale lockdown!
But you can watch it on E!Online.

OK, I stayed up pretty late last night and I collected a few photos from Twitter. I can't keep up who posted what, however, thank you for those who posted photos, we love them, we love you, we appreciate all the tweeting. They are yours, not mine.

Photo credit: Unknown, but whoever took this photo, I love you and the man in the photo.
Photo via Yvonne Villarreal, LA Times. J2 are at the back, coz they are so tall.
OK.. BRING IT SEASON SEVEN FINALE!!! Who is ready for Kansas's Carry on Wayward Son?


  1. They look very talk in that big group photo! Such a good couple of days! Yay us. Yay them. Yay Jensen looking unbelievably beautiful.

  2. oh my gawd did he. So happy about the wednesday move, so happy about season 8 not being looked at as the last, so happy about how amazingly awesome jensen looked. mountain man or porn star? that was awesome. yes, he can be both--sexy mountain man, rustic porn star. it's Jensen. :D


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