05 January 2012

Supernatural Season One Awards (Part One) - Presented by Kara, Amy & Tiny

Dun dun dun… A few months ago, when Kara, Amy and I finished with our season six awards project, Kara suggested that we should go back to the beginning and give tribute to season one. It all began in season one when Eric Kripke introduced "saving people, hunting things, family business" to us.

Here is Part One of our Supernatural season one awards... Part Two is coming your way tomorrow. Watch this space!


KARA: Eric Kripke -- Supernatural was his creation and really its all his fault. He wrote the most pivotal episodes of season one -- The Pilot, Home, Shadow, Devils Trap. All awesome episodes, all embodied the feel for the rest of the series.

AMY: I’m going to say Eric Kripke for this one. I mean, he created this show and it all started here so he has to been seen as the most influential writing force during the first season. He imagined and created these wonderful characters, wrote in their voices, which, even into season seven, we can still hear. Though the boys have changed substantially, a lot of what was established in the Pilot, of their individual personalities and their relationship remains true today; they were written that well from the get go. Also, some of the lines Kripke created in season one have become staples in the fan vernacular. “Driver picks the music, shot-gun shuts his cakehole”; “No chick flick moments”; “Bitch/Jerk”; “Saving people, hunting things, the family business”; “There’s a storm’s coming, and you boys, your Daddy, you are smack in the middle of it.” He wrote the Pilot, Wendigo, Home, Shadow and Devil’s Trap. Five of the strongest episodes of the season. Home is one of my all time favourites. There’s so much wonderfulness in Home. From Dean telling Sam he carried him from the burning house, to his plaintive call to his dad asking for help, the first time we really see Dean’s tears, to Mary’s foreshadowing when she says “Sorry” to Sam. We didn’t find out why she was sorry until In The Beginning in season four! Kripke always says he had a five-year arc planned; just that one word alone, “Sorry”, makes me believe his vision for the series was pretty much locked and loaded by this ninth episode. So, yeah….favourite writer for season one has to be Kripke.

Honourable mention: Sera Gamble. In season one she was writing with Raelle Tucker. I think Sera is a beautiful writer who reveals an emotional depth in the Winchesters that very few of the writers are capable of doing. Also, she wrote Faith, which is pretty much my go to episode when I need to feel good. I love Faith. Like a lot.

TINY: Eric Kripke -- Supernatural has such as solid first season. Kripke is the genius who drove the mytho, the tone, the characterisation of the Winchester brothers, the writing (including the use of urban legends, music and the writing of the dialogues)... THE LOT! I wasn’t not really into genre shows back then but the thing I love about Supernatural is that it isn't just another show in the horror/sci-fi/fantasy category (which can well be another post as I am totally opposed to the press classifying Supernatural as ‘sci-fi’). Supernatural is a solid character driven drama, above all evil hunting/ horror stories and it's about the main characters fighting for something that's worth dying for, Eric Kripke showed me the one element other horror shows failed to project and perfect -- family.

The family theme can be found in other character relationships in later seasons -- the Harvelles, the Campbells, the Singers, the angels and even monsters have families. Eric Kripke created an unique quality for Supernatural and created a theme the show is still sticking with -- two brothers on the road, saving people, hunting things, family business. Without his vision, especially in season one, Supernatural would've gone Heroes. 


KARA: Kim Manners -- Why? Because he continually ‘Kicking it in the ass’.

AMY: Kim Manners -- No contest. Kim Manners was not only a wonderful director he was a mentor to many of the cast and crew on Supernatural. He was already rich with TV directing experience when brought onboard in season one. He directed five episodes in the first season and left a permanent mark on the cast and crew before his death during season four, and though he passed away three years ago this January 25, he remains a strong presence and influence on the show. Jensen says he felt Kim guiding his hand during Jensen’s directorial debut and both boys and the crew still talk about him often and with much love. We all know the bee story from Bugs, where Kim insisted on sitting in the bee filled room in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt, because Jensen and Jared had no protective clothing either. This story is still a vigorously told at conventions, all these years later. In 2011, the Supernatural studios were renamed in his honour and each and every one of us knows his mantra “Kick it in the ass”. And for me, well he was also responsible for so much of what The X Files was and he directed my favourite episode Home. I will never hear Sunshine and Lollipops without thinking of that particularly distasteful family! Kim Manners will forever be in the hearts of everyone who loves Supernatural.

TINY: Kim Manners -- He was a major contributor in setting the tone of the show. His direction helped us to understand the story and the brothers. Episodes such as Dead in the Water, Scarcrow and Devil's Trap consisted of the perfect combination that made an episode a classic Supernatural episode, setting up the benchmarks for others episodes. His vision continues to inspire the crew and new directors such as Jensen Ackles.


KARA: Back in Black -- Seriously when I hear Back in Black, in my day to day life, I can’t help think of Supernatural. It was the perfect song (and theme song for the impala).

AMY: Season one set the scene for the use of music in Supernatural. Kripke is famously quoted as saying, to ensure his taste in music was used in the show, he actually put in the Pilot script “CUE MUSIC - and you can take your anaemic alternative pop and shove it up your ass. Dean plays bass thumping, pile driving Zeppelin, and he plays it loud”. Actually, he played AC/DC’s Back In Black! The music in season one was almost a character. The songs were intrinsically tied to the action, much more so than in the later seasons, where the small budget is now spent on special effects and not on music licensing. So what’s my favourite use of a song? Well, I narrowed it down to three…best I could do, sorry. Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter, which plays in Skin and will always make me think of evil, hot, shapeshifting Dean; (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, which plays in Faith and which I think is one of the best music cues ever and Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival, with plays at the end of Devil’s Trap and the beginning of In My Time Of Dying, which probably is the best music cue ever! And you all thought I was going to say, “Highway To Hell”, didn’t you! Or did you think I’d say Carry On Wayward Son? Seeeeee! Awesome music!

TINY: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas -- Never have I imagine myself screaming a classic rock song at kareoke! The song was first introduced to me in 1.21 Salvation. If it wasn't Supernatural, I would've missed out all the classic rock goodies and… Kenny Rogers. Carry On Wayward Son was the first of many classic rock songs I added to my playlist, the song was also the most played song on my iTune.


KARA: You have to stick with the classic here, “Saving people, hunting things, the family business”. No other quote had been able to sum up the entire series. Also... “Bitch” “Jerk”.

AMY: Gah! I think this might be the toughest category. Season one was full of pithy retorts! I could go for just about any of Dean’s quotes here. Or any of the brother’s come backs to each other. The bitch/jerk, the shotgun shuts his cakehole, the fabric softener teddy bear. I was trying like crazy to think of a quote that wasn’t just a throw away line, one that represented the brother’s relationship. I thought about when Dean tells Sam how he wants them to be a family again in Shadow, I thought about when Dean tells Sam that the three of them, that’s all they’ve got, that’s all he’s got in Salvation, I thought about “Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don't look back! Now, Dean, go!” from the Pilot, because really, that’s where Sam and Dean started, but I settled on, “I hope your apple pie is freakin’ worth it!” from Scarecrow, just because it’s Dean and pie.

TINY: What else but "Dad wants us to pick us where he left off, saving people, hunting things, family business." This is the "May the force be with you" to Star Wars.


KARA: This is a bit of a hard one for me. I had to decide how I wanted to approach this. Do I want to have for the stand alone season, or would I let the other seasons dictate my feelings. My favourite Good Guy for season one has to be, without a doubt John Winchester. He was built up to be this God among men.

AMY: Ummm Dean? Am I allowed to pick Dean? Right from the beginning it’s obvious Dean is the archetypal hero. Deeply flawed and conflicted, as all great heroes are. Loyal, almost to a fault. Selfless and brave and deeper than he’d like anyone to know. He’s compassionate and caring, but he hides it behind a shield of flippant remarks and a tough guy demeanour. Not that he’s not a tough guy, he’s totally badass, but just under the surface is a soft centre. He’ll stand in front of a stranger to save their life without even hesitating and he loves his brother more than any other person on the face of the Earth. Personally, I think Dean Winchester is one of the most beautifully realised, written and performed characters on TV, and that’s as a TV fan, not just a Supernatural fan. To me, the ultimate Good Guy will forever be, Dean Winchester.

Do I need to pick someone other than a Winchester? Probably. So, in that case, Deputy Kathleen Hudak from The Benders. I liked her character a lot. She was smart and sympathetic and I thought the actress that played her did an awesome job.

TINY: It’ll be too easy for me to name any Winchester boys.. so how about Favourite Good Woman? Missouri was my Favourite Good Woman. She was very enjoyable to watch and I wish to see her again. Dean and Sam need more 'family friends' especially NOW. Missouri was one of a few friends mentioned in John Winchester's diary. The character definitely has a lot of potentials. She needs to return to the show!


KARA: Yellow Eyed -- I know he isn’t seen all that much in this season, and to be fair he is more present in the second season, but the way the Supernatural writers were able to build up a character that wasn’t even seen is just remarkable. And then when this big evil, so evil that it scared their family home, possessed John. Wow. Awesome stuff.

AMY: Oh that would have to be the Yellow Eyed Demon, later revealed to be Azazel. As much as I loved Fred Lehne’s version of the YED in season two and six, the YED was never scarier or more threatening than when he was inside John Winchester, taking his anger out on Dean. That whole scene in Devil’s Trap; you just can’t look away. I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a great job with the YED and seeing as that’s the evil son of a bitch that started it all, he has to be my favourite villain.

Honourable Mention: Meg. I love Meg too, whichever meatsuit she’s in…even when she’s in Sam.

TINY: Yellow Eyed Demon -- Supernatural's first big bad! I think YED was like Crowley, he is so badass but he is so fantastic to watch and there is something likeable about him. Is it bad that we all love our demons in Supernatural more than angels? YED and the demons are likeable villains, unlike the Leviathans who are just dicks. 


KARA: I am totally, without a doubt, going to cheat in this category. My favourite guest star of season one is... Jim Beaver. Oh yeah, that is cheating. There is a reason why the character of ‘Bobby Singer’ went from just a one episode appearance to a major character for the rest of the series, Jim Beaver.

AMY: I’m going with Julie Benz in Faith. I’m a big fan of Julie, so from that respect I was excited that she was in the show. But beyond that, I liked the character of Layla Rourke a lot. She had a great outlook for someone in her position and her chemistry with Dean was undeniable. I was glad that it didn’t go anywhere, that it just ended with her gently touching Dean’s face and walking away leaving him pondering the nature of faith.

TINY: Jeffrey Dean Morgan -- This was the episode that made me a superfan of the show and John Winchester was a major factor. The appearance of John Winchester at the end of Home injected that family element that I love so much. I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I think he is the perfect actor for the role.


KARA: Bloody Mary -- Freaking hell that eyeless chick. Supernatural had managed to not only build up a common urban legend but they were able to ‘Supernatural-lise’ it by making it their own. But not only was Bloody Mary visually awesome but also the whole story on how she chooses her victims.

AMY: The Reaper from Faith. I love the Reapers in Supernatural. The whole concept that they are there, lingering behind you, just waiting to tick you off their list and whisk you off this mortal coil is fantastic. This was our first introduction to a Reaper and consequential our first introduction to a supernatural creature that wasn’t some form spirit or monster. I gotta say, he was pretty ugly though. I don’t think I’d want to go with that Reaper!

TINY: Demons -- I think it's because the demons were so connected to the mytho of the story, and I've always been a fan of the mytho heavy episodes. Demons in Supernatural weren't just portrayed with heavy make-up or costumes or over the top dialogues, they could be your friendly neighbour or maths teacher. The show's interpretation of demons as characters is so real, it's creepy! Demons are seen in popular culture all the time but there is something unique about those in Supernatural.


KARA: Mary burning on the ceiling. That effect still gets me now, and is one of the special effects that hadn’t changed, why change it, it was awesome to begin with.

AMY: I think this might be more a visual effect than a special effect, but the truck hitting the Impala at the end of Devil’s Trap never ceases to take my breath away. Every time I see it, I’m gobbed smacked! It’s just Sam going, "Look, we’ve still got the Colt. We still have the one bullet left. We just have to start over, alright? I mean, we already found the demon...” KABLAMO! Out of nowhere an 18 wheeler smacks into them! I remember watching this when it originally went to air and jumping out of my skin! Then I just sat there, mouth agape, for like five minutes! And I know it was a fortuitous piece of fate, but how the truck pushes the Impala into the camera just tops off the perfection. One of the best special effect/visual effect/stunt or whatever it is shots ever. Gets me every damn time.

TINY: I've always been a fan of the death scene of Mary Winchester -- Mary in her sleeping gown, pinned to the ceiling and then burst into flames. It was the most iconic scene of the entire series.


KARA: Ok, lets just say it, the demon smoke. I am so glad they changed it to actual smoke instead of what looked like a spilt bag of black seeds.

AMY: I hate, hate, hate the special effect at the end of the Pilot, when the Woman in White and her kids turn into a black blob and splat into the floor boards in a puddle of water. It’s just terrible. I cringe every single time I see it.

TINY: Humm… I actually don’t have one for this category. Cassie?


KARA: Sam versus John in Dead Man’s Blood. That whole ‘You were just pissed off you couldn’t control me anymore.’ We had a whole season of hearing about how Sam and John butted heads, we had a whole season of Dean being like ‘yeah lets find Dad, but Sam don’t be a jerk when we do.’ And then bam!

Honourable mention: Dean snapping it at John in Salvation. The whole ‘I was dying, a monster was at our childhood home and no you didn’t call back, and that is why we didn’t tell you about Sam’s freaky shiz’. The reason why I have put this one as a honourable mention even though I probably enjoyed it just as much and thought it was just as pivotal to the characters we had seen. However this scene seems to be a little bit more important throughout the series.

AMY: John/YED and Dean in Devil’s Trap. I find this scene gripping. The fact that the Yellow Eyed Demon is inside Dean’s dad, who he worships and has been searching for all season, just adds to the intensity of the confrontation. The way Dean just perseveres with his cocky attitude, throws it in the demon’s face that he wasted his children, tells him to stop monologuing. He won’t give the YED the satisfaction of seeing his fear. It’s incredibly stupid really but very Dean! Of course it all goes pear-shaped when the YED decides he’s had enough and just goes ahead and tries to kill Dean. Still, it’s a brilliant confrontation.

TINY: When Sam confronted John in Dead Man's Blood. For a moment, I thought Sam was going to transform into the Incredible Hulk. Sam's rebellion has always been a recurring theme. That scene was almost like bridge connection his past and the shape of things to come. The whole "you can't control me anymore"/ "if you can't save him, you have to kill him"/ "you think I'll go dark side" theme pretty much started to explode from here.

So that’s Part 1, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment. Stay tuned as we bring you Part 2 tomorrow.

Thank you Kara and Amy for being so awesome once again.

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  1. Thanks girls for this great read. I have just discovered the Impala's Trunk and am now an avid fan. It goes without saying that Erick K and Kim Manners are our favourite writer and director respectively, and the YED has the most impact of any other monster in Season One, I read your opinions constantly nodding my head in agreement. For music, ofcourse 'Carry On My Wayward Son' will never be heard again, or AC/DC (good old aussie band) without thinking of Supernatural, but the use of Blue Oyster Cult has been my favourite. I had never heard of this band before watching SPN and now they are one of my favourites, a big thank you to this show for broadening my horizons and introducing me to a new experiences. I'm ok with all the special effects on the show, I think they did a great job.
    I'm with Amy on best confrontation. The gripping scene between Dean and the YED/John in Devil's trap has me constantly clicking the rewind button. John's menace, and Dean being Dean, I love it. I love Dean's 'come on and get it over with then attitude', how his cockyness hides his fear. When Sam steps over his father to go and tend to Dean first, and how Dean tells him to check on his dad even though he's so beaten up himself...all telling signs of relationships, some growing stronger and some growing weaker.
    Well done, I'm going to read Part 2 right now.


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