25 January 2012

Random Wednesday Edition - Supernatural; Green Arrow; Revolution

Supernatural is on a mini-hiatus, and so I am doing my own Supernatural rewatch. Where there is a commentary, I'll turn it on. I am up to 2.20 What Is And What Should Never Be (with Eric Kripke's commentary). Such a great episode and I love Kripke's commentary!

Anyhoo.. here is a very cool winner banner for Supernatural. I love it! Kinda weird, because it's not so CW like. But it's awesome!

The CW's Turn On Sizzle promo is kinda hot too if it features more Supernatural.

While we are talking about the CW, KSiteTV reported that new information has surfaced about the Green Arrow pilot based on the casting call. Check out the full article here. I am semi-excited about it. I like Green Arrow in Smallville and I think Justin Hartley was awesome as Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen. I think he should play Green Arrow in the new series, but then again, it's likely that the network/ EPs want a fresh face (not necessary new). Jensen Ackles anyone? I know I know! The guy is doing Supernatural and he probably doesn't want another long-running TV series... I am just saying!! As you were!

The father of Supernatural Eric Kripke is doing a GREAT job on the Revolution pilot according to J.J Abrams. PLEASE MAKE IT! MAKE IT MAKE IT MAKE IT! This is the one show that I am most looking forward to. WHY? Eric Kripke + J.J Abrams = WIN! Here is J.J's interview where he talked about all his babies including Fringe and other new TV pilots.

On other Supernatural news, SpoilerTV has reported that there will be another hiatus after episode 17 (March 16), which works perfectly for me due to my travelling schedule. Not sure when it will return, but I am guessing may be 3 weeks at least? Watch this space!

Don't forget Supernatural returns next Friday, February 3, with Slice Girls. Oh Deano, if they are monsters, kill them! More photos can be found on SpoilerTV.

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