15 January 2012

Review: Supernatural 7.12 Time After Time

Where do I even begin reviewing such awesome and flawless episode of Supernatural?

I was so tired by the time I got to the airport.. having zero caffeine in the bloodstream is never fun. But this week's Supernatural put me in such a great mood. I watched 7.12 Time After Time four times on the flight home. I almost had to put a sign up for the flight attendance -- do not disturb.

During the viewing of the episode, I totally laughed out loud! In fact, I think I clapped my hands a few times. Time After Time is no doubt my favourite episode in season seven so far. It was done right with the time travel concept (and it isn't a time travel episode if there isn't one Back To The Future reference, right? OMG that was totally awesome). The episode's pace in storytelling was fantabulous! After his great work with Slash Fiction, Robbie Thompson penned another awesome episode. His script reminds me of those written by Jeremy Carver. I hope Robbie will continue to write more episodes and to inject more awesome ideas to the show. I for one really want to read the script of this particular episode.

Jensen Ackles nailed it once again, his comic timing was flawless. This episode must make it to Jensen's portfolio to showcase his talent in comedy. Jensen is causing global warming! I won't be surprise if mother natural is feeling the hotness too. We always know Jensen can act. Time After Time is just another awesome example how awesome he is.. (yes, I use the word 'awesome' a lot.) I love the fact that Robbie Thompson did his homework and stay true to all the Dean elements -- you can see the Dean stuff he injected to the script was aligned to his character. You know this is the kind of things Dean would say or do.

Jensen and Nicholas Lea had great chemistry. They made one hell of a team! The Untouchable, right? Do you also watch to watch The Untouchable again, or is it just me? We will inject so many Supernatural references! Nicholas Lea totally nailed the role as Eliot Ness. I love his character! I love it! Eliot's words of wisdom will hopeful help Dean to understand it's a blessing that he is alive, he is making a different, the dead ones would want him to do justice. Writing Eliot Ness as a hunter is the most OMG awesome idea since the prophet Chuck. This concept is up there on the Wall-of-Weird-But-Awesome-Idea since Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Sense & Sensibility and Sea Monster and the up-coming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Have I mentioned I love it?

It's no surprise to most fans that Jody Mills was this 'old friend' as mentioned in the synopsis. I love seeing Jody Mills in the episode. I can totally see her role will continue to evolve should the writers feel that she can fill Bobby's shoes, so to speak. What I love about Jody is that she brings that 'mother voice' to the show. Having a father figure has been an element to the show when it comes to relationships. We used to have Ellen, but sadly her character didn't stay as long as we wanted. I think Jody has the potential to be a recurring regular character and I think her support can make a different to the boys' fight with the Leviathans. While she is not a hunter like Bobby, again I think, her 'mother voice' is just what the boys need right now.

Although Sam and Dean were mostly in separate scenes in this episode, however I totally feel the brother dynamic. I love how Dean was inspirited by Back To The Future. I love how the brothers knew each other well enough to come up with a strategy. I love Sam in this episode. And his hair is oh-so-long! I also love how Sam totally embraced Jody as a partner for this case. I love how Sam was concerned about Dean's obsession with Dick Roman and hoped that his brother was watching Anime (which really is an artform), instead of news about Dick.

Sorry Sam, you didn't get to wear a fedora. But can you imagine? I think his hair is too long for it?

I save the best to last. How about 1944? If I am stuck in 1944 and if Dean Winchester is there too, I totally would love to stay and just stare at his hotness. We all know how hot Dean is even if he isn't wearing anything (oh wait.. what..?). But when Dean put on his suit and a fedora…. OMG.. excuse me while I faint… I so want a DVD commentary for this episode.

What about Jason Dohring's Chronos? I admit, I don't know Jason Dohring's work all that well, but his appearance excited a lot of Veronica Mars' fans. I thought he did a great job. One thing though, Chronos' prediction of the future wasn't all that riveting, which could be a good thing.

Time After Time was done the Chicago way. This episode did not disappoint. It is certainly the Frontierland of season seven. So much hotness. Shameless for having a totally super fangirl moment while writing this review. Here he is again!

I bet he smells great!
And again.....

I wasn't designed to function when I see Dean!hotness.
Did you enjoy Time After Time as much as I did? We will now go into another hiatus, next episode Splice Girls .. I mean Slice Girls.. will air on Feb 3. Stay tuned!


  1. I think I'm with you all the way in this one!! Iloved every bit of this ep! Brilliant from start to finish & the hotness!!! Oh my!!! -Deanie_24


    Awesome review Tiny! This episode was perfect, best of the season.

  3. AWESOME review Tiny for an AWESOME episode! ;D
    I totally loved it, loved the script, love the brother vibe, loved Dean in those suits!
    Best ep of the season, and it'll be one of my favourites!
    Go the fan-girl review!!

  4. OMG tiny! totally agree! I love the long Sam hair! And that holster vest on Dean? wow. I guess this eppie was so brilliant, even if it hadn't been for all the hotness...but the hotness was there. a trifecta of it actually--Dean, Krychek and Logan...it is like all of my fantasies converging! such an amazing eppie it makes me not want to overwatch it because I don't want to get desensitized to its brilliance! a favorite for sure and the best of season seven so far! :D thanks for the wonderful review Tiny! I fangirl out in mine too! :D

  5. Best episode. I love them all really. I just love the show and the story and of course: Sam and Dean. But this one contained perfection. I love time travel and I love when the story features Dean ( I confess) as well as the brother relationship - cause Sam needs to be there too, Dean would have it no other way. :) Jensen wore the 40"s like a glove. Wow! And the guests were amazing!. Great review.



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