10 January 2012

Review: Supernatural 7.11 Adventure in Babysitting

The hiatus is over and we witnessed one of the better mid-season premiers. Let's get right into it the stuff I wanted to cover. 

My emotion is now automatically adjusted after the festive season. I have come to terms with the fact that Bobby is dead. But I think his spirit is still around. Supernatural is very good with referencing the past. In In My Time of Dying, Tess told Dean how angry spirits were born. In Roadkill, Molly was a ghost and she didn't even know about it. In House of the Holy, Father Gregory thought he was an angel, but he was just a vengeful spirit. I think the disappearing beer is a big clue, it's obvious that it was Bobby's spirit who made Dean's beer disappeared and Bobby didn't go with the Reaper. Bobby wanted to stay long enough to help the boys to fight the Leviathans. I think another 'farewell' will come, like Dean and Sam will eventually give Bobby the last rites.

There are many stories about sprits who have unfinished businesses. It's kinda random, but there is a movie called 2002, it's about a special police unit in Hong Kong that only operates in human-ghost partnerships -- team members always consist of one human (who can see ghosts) and one spirit (usually a dead cop). The spirit is not there forever, when time comes (like when a door or the 'bridge' appears) he will have a chance to reincarnate. Kinda like Being Human. The whole Bobby situation just reminded me of this movie. We have seen a few good hunters turned bad before, perhaps it's time to see some good ones.

The two separate stories in this episode represent the two mindsets of Dean and Sam in dealing with Bobby's death. Sam's mind was clear, he went hunting and saving people. Life must go on. Dean, on the other hand, didn't want the trail to get cold, Bobby died bringing them the coordinates. It's almost as if Dean got to the point where he was obsessed with the case, while Sam knew he had to take a step back and work on other cases in the meantime. There was a sign of desperation too, Dean paid Frank $15K for working on the case? I think it's ok, because this season's story is about taking everything (including the basic stuff) away from the boys -- Bobby and his house, weapons, knowledge, friends. Let's see how our heroes will perform.

I really like Frank in this episode. I think the advice he gave Dean about being professional, and it's deep. Smiling is a job. Everything you do everyday is a job. You're a professional.. so do your job. You can get depressed or drunk or whatever.. but how about smiling at the end of each day.. like a it's a job. That's… deep and hard to do. But if there is anyone who could do this well, it'd be Dean Winchester. He always does his job.

Adventure in Babysitting is a good episode and it gets fans wanting to know more about Bobby. There are some solid guest star performances from Kevin McNally (aka Frank) and Madison McLaughlin (aka Krissy). It is a good character episode. I like Sam in this episode, I think I may have mentioned this before. I like Sam best when his mind is as clear as the blue sky. Jensen Ackles also gave us one of the best performances in a single shot.

Hey...where is the Impala?!

Next episode, Time After Time, is set up to the the Frontierland of season seven. I think this is going to be so awesome!!! Don't miss!


  1. I really dont like the idea of Ghost Bobby, although I am sure my Supernatural writers will be able to pull it off without being cheesy. I would, however, love it if Supernatural had twist and it was like Ellen just keeping an eye on her boys, she has already sent Dean a message. Maybe she has come back to kick his ass. :D
    But totally agree with you Frank and Krissy were awesome. I enjoy the fact Frank isnt a hunter but he knows.
    Awesome Review Tiny!

  2. Thanks Kara... Yes, not the cheesy way will be awesome. I am sure the writers will throw us the curve ball.

    Cheerio :)

    Tiny xoxo

  3. I agree that the boys will farewell Bobby officially, but they are going through a lot at the moment, Sam with his wall & Luci's hauntings, Dean with his despair. Right now they are just going rough the motions, but it will catch up to them I think. Great little reviewTiny


  4. Nice! Your look back at other spirits gave me a whole new angle to consider. I really liked Frank and his advice too, I didn't think anyone else did but you and one other friend think the same thing. Frank's advice is the best that could be given to Dean, to help him along without killing someone or making life hell for everyone he comes into contact with. I also really like your Sam and clear mind comment, I never thought of that before but its so spot on!
    Thannks : ) @tmateotb

  5. Nice Tiny. I've come around on Frank's advice, I think it's the only thing Dean can do really, it's equal to pulling up your boot straps and soldiering on, he's great at that, sometimes he just needs a kick in the pants. Bobby usually did that....I'm glad someone else saw his struggle and tried to open his eyes.

    I also loved Sam in this ep. I think he went for the case because it's what they do and gave him some meaning, but I like that he seems so at peace with their life and where he's at, though I fear that won't last forever.

    Like Kara I don't like the Ghost!Bobby concept, but also like Kara I believe in the writers and I'm sure they'll find a way to make it work and make it awesome.

    I thought this was a solid ep, not my favourite of the season, but certainly not my least favourite and for the job it was meant to do, it did exceptionally well.

    And Jensen Ackles is awesome....but you know that.

    Great job as usual Tiny! - Amy

  6. Tiny! Jensen is so amazing! it was a wonderful performance...but we have come to expect that from him! It was great seeing the character development of each of the boys...seeing where their minds are. I too believe Bobby is still there making sure they are ok. I refuse to believe that Dean doesn't want to be a hunter any more. I think he is having a drawn out issue of faith. I do believe he will find his way to it in the dark every time (even though I hate quoting that douchebag Zach). Dean has to break soon, and then I hope he will be ok with himself and who he is...where he fits into the scheme of things.

    Sam was great in this eppie too. Death's Door was a tough act to follow, but the ep held up pretty well...

  7. Yeah totally Nicole! It's the Hero Journey..and in the darkness time, Dean will still find the one thing that worth living for -> Sam! I think ultimately it's also depends on how Sam contribute to Dean's journey in finding hope.

    Thanks for all the comments people! :)

    Love xoxo


  8. what was up with the puple impala, when did they paint it and why purple.

  9. First of all Dean is, was and will always be my favorite character and my feelings about any of the episodes revolve around how he's being treated. That said, my biggest problem with the episode is simply this: If Krissy had a knife and had no problem killing, then why did she wait until Dean was forced to drop his knife and let the blonde creature go before she killed the one holding her hostage? It doesn't make any sense. Other than that glaring mistake the episode was okay. Personally I'm so wanting Dean to actually start liking hunting again. Anyway, I love this website of yours. Keep up the great work!

  10. Thanks for the comment.. I think your comment on Krissy is fair enough. I suppose perhaps she wanted the monsters to think she is weak and then she strikes. I think Dean is at a stage where he is tired of burying friends and he and Sam always find themselves in shit situation, no matter how hard they try to protect people and save people. But I think that's part of the Hero Journey.. we have to give them shit and see how good of a person or hunter they are. It's all part of the journey :)

    Thanks again..


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