11 January 2012

Sera Gamble's New Interview; Will Supernatural Go Home With a PCA?

So.. People's Choice Awards is taking place today Wednesday Jan 11 in LA! Will fan's favorite Supernatural win the FAVORITE NETWORK TV DRAMA award? I guess we'll know very soon! It should! Considering the way we voted non-stop! And fans want to see Jensen and Jared taking their pants off again on stage (I am only assuming they will do something crazy like that on stage!) WIN WIN WIN!!!

Should J2 appear on the awards night, I believe this is the first time they are on stage for PCA. Here are some predictions by Life Goes Strong.

Sera Gamble recently did an interview and told us nothing as usual..LOL.. I mean.. in a good way.. I mean.. this interview isn't that spoiler! Except, the biggest thing that I didn't know already was the return of [SPOILER] Mark Pellegrino. BOOYAY! She is so fulling intended to bring Bobby back! Misha will be back.. and we all have been expecting that! Looks like there will be more Frank and Garth (D.J. Qualls). Awesome! Read the full interview here.

Don't forget to watch Supernatural this week when Dean goes Untouchable.. or Mad Man? Whatever! Every man move over for THE Dean!

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