29 August 2010

Joss Whedon in Sydney

Yours truly went to see Joss Whedon at the Sydney Opera House today. It was such a lovely day and a lovely crowd. It was full house!

Joss was honest, funny and truly inspirational. Listening to Joss talked about his dark place where he wrote from and how he created and developed his characters with respect. This could be the talk that changed my life.

Apart from the Buffy, Angel and Firefly stuff, he also talked about The Avengers. As much as we love to know who the villain(s) will be, Joss didn't give us any spoilers! I am most impressed with the fans and also host, Will Anderson, that they really asked intelligent questions. It was just a very short event (90 mins), but it was so awesome!!

Joss, thank you so much for coming to Australia!


  1. I was there too! (Im in the bottom left of your photo lol) It was a great session - Wil asked some awesome questions and got some great material out of Joss

  2. HAHA Awesome! Definitely one of the best thing I've ever attended!


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