24 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.05 - Sam doesn't know that we know that Dean knows

Nothing says a Supernatural episode like a 2D ride to hell and further down the pit!

I told my sister Live Free or Twihard was going to be a funny episode because they were making fun of Twilight. My expectation went completely off track. But seriously, I should have known that every time Supernatural gave us a vampire episode, it was never going to be funny. Live Free or Twihard was a much darker and gorier episode in comparison to previous vampire episodes. The darkness of season six has been raised to a new level. Literally! Did you notice the lighting of the episode? It was sooooo dark!

The episode was directed by Jan Eliasburg and written by Brett Matthews. I thought Matthews wrote the episode very well, Eliasburg's directorial effort was really well done. There were some great scenes for Jensen and Jared. Jensen's performance was great in channeling Dean's emotions, while Jared was convincing as the bad Sam, you know he is faking it, you know he is lying with his puppy eyes, but one day those puppy eyes will run out or magic. All I can say is, Sam, I hope you fail your mission and wake up!

There were a lot going on in this episode, it was intense! Watching Dean killed was so My Bloody Valentine, the whole vamp-nest was like a Buy More version of the Volturi.
The Kristen (sighting of Speedy from Smallville) and Rob scenes and the dialogues were intentionally lame. Both guest stars must have fun shooting it. They even did a better job than the real Kristin Stewart and Rob Pattison. I don't want to do a recap, so I'll get on with my thoughts on two things.

WTF SAM! Last time when a Winchester brother smirked, he killed Zach and saved your ass!

Sam doesn't know that we know.
Cheesus! We saw it Sam! And dang it! It was definitely the WTF moment of season 6 so far. As a fan of the show, I was speechless when I saw Sam watched and smirked while
Boris fed Dean with his vampire blood. Why is Sam acting so strangely? Having a cold heart or drinking demon blood or trusting a demon instead of your own brother who died for you is one thing, but betraying Dean with intentions was never Sam's style. But this time, Sam stood while watching Dean being turned into a vampire and seemed pleased was so wrong. He wanted this to happen. He wanted Dean to turn. It was Sam's intention that scared me, he was so messed up.

Sam thinks: Don't tell him

Dean thinks: I know Sammy. I saw!

Sam doesn't know that we know that
Dean knows. As I was watching that scene again in Dean's fly-by/ flash-back, my reaction was WOAH..... DEAN KNOWS! HE SAW YOU. What's worst? Dean is going to keep this to himself for awhile while trying to get to the bottom of it! The feeling of betrayal must have killed the trust Dean has in Sam.

This is a 180 degree change we are seeing in Sam. This is NOT the Sam we know, not even the season 4 Sam.
Dean would die to protect Sam, he even went to hell for Sam, and after everything the brothers have been through, all Sam could do was to stand there and smirk? If this wasn't the last straw, I don't know what is. This is 'burn-the-bridge' bad! Part of me is hoping that this is not Sam and it is someone else. The real Sam is still locked up in hell, waiting for Dean to rescue him. May be that is why Castiel didn't answer Sam's prayer because this is not the real Sammy. Whatever the reason, this is great drama to watch.

(The fly-by effect was really cool by the way. This reminded me of Constantine when John uncovered the plot and the Spear of Destiny by sitting in the electric chair from the Sing Sing Prison.)


Dean's dream vision was cryptic. It raised more questions than answers. I can't help it, I have to start looking for clues.

- We saw the map of Aurora filled with blood. Supernatural locations are cool, like Wyoming where the Devil's Gate is and Detroit where the showdown was supposed to take place. Could this be the Detroit for season 6?

Speaking of Wyoming, I really want to see the Devil's Gate again. It'd be a nice call-back to season two.

- What's the story with the bald guy in the park? I assume he is the alpha? Why is he creepy and smiling at the Twins? If he is not the alpha, who the hell is he?

- The cemetery crosses remind me of the cemetery in The End.

- Who is the creepy girl in the creepy tea party with her creepy doll?

- What is the meaning of the whole reproductive eggs/ twins vision? Who are the twins? What is their role in the alpha storyarc?

I am certain this is not just a one-off random dream vision. They are the clues of what might come later in the season.
We are six episodes into season six, it's clear that the show is dealing with a bunch of alphas, the alpha vampire and alpha shape-shifter. I feel that it's not a random thing that all alphas are coming out to play at the same time. My theory is that they could be the same baddie. May be whoever this is, he wants to see who the stronger monster race is (shape-shifters or vampires etc), whoever is stronger shall rule earth? I know! I am crazy! My vote goes to the zombies! And whatever this is, it certainly has something to do with whoever Grandpa is working for. Grandpa is collecting the alphas for someone.

This episode raised more questions than answers! It's driving me crazy! I need therapy. I need to go play with my iPad!
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I've been adding the rating news at the end of each review this season. Supernatural was known as a bubble show since season one, never have I imagine something this would be a headline "CBS dominates Friday, while Supernatural helps The CW top FOX." Source: Hitfix

From TVByTheNumbers, "....Both Supernatural and Smallville averaged 2.48 million viewers, but Supernatural edged out Smallville with adults 18-49 1.1 to 1.0..."

Oh, if you don't know this already, Jensen is doing the voice for the new Tron game as Gibson. Too bad I don't play game. I am sure fans will find a way to put something on YouTube. Watch out!


  1. I was curious too, so I looked up some things. So far I just found a little about Yugoslavian vampire folklore. It says only twins born on a Saturday can tell vampires apart from normal people...

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh Tiny!!!!!! I don't know what to make of any of it! I'm all hurting for Dean, with everything he's put up with in the past, how will he ever, ever get past this? I'm with you, I hope that it's not really Sam, or something has hijacked Sam, but you know that I actually do think it's Sam and that is horrible. HORRIBLE. Something is wrong and something's got to give! SOON BEFORE I EXPLODE! It's a harsh road ahead my friend, but I am really loving each moment of it...even if it makes me want to cry. Great write up as usual. Say hi to iCas for me!

  3. Hi C - Thanks :) I better Google that Yugoslavian vampire folklore you spoke of.. The dream vision is creepy and I really NEED to now what it means! Haha...

    Hi Amy - I like your hijacked Sam theory.. I hope so too! Sam scared me sometimes coz he was this cute little brother Sam in season 1 and then in season 4, he was so not normal like drinking demon blood.. Who does that?! Right?!


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