10 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.03 The Third Man

I have a bad habit of renaming episodes. Supernatural 6.03 The Third Man (I call it Kneel Before Cas) was written by Ben Edlund and directed by Robert Singer.

If you know about the story of the film The Third Man (1949), there were a few clues to this episode of Supernatural. The film took place in Vienna, which was in a state of devastation and recovering from World War II. The city was divided into four separate zones, governed by different administrations. There were plenty of suspense - why would someone fake their own death?

OK! Back to the Supernatural version of The Third Man.

After a series of deaths caused by biblical plagues, Castiel came to Dean and Sam for help. Castiel was surprised his angel friend Balthazar was the man behind the curtain. Determined to locate Balthazar for the truth and the weapon that caused the deaths, Castiel found out why Balthazar faked his death and stole one of Heaven's most powerful weapons, the Moses' Staff.

It was a great way to re-introduce the angels back to the show. Heaven was in the state of a Civil War, which is not good! The traditionalist Raphael wanted to bring the original story with the original ending back while Castiel was determined to maintain peace in Heaven and on earth.

This storyarc alone is the perfect material for a spin-off series for Cas!
I miss Cas. Who doesn't, right? The moment Cas reappeared, you could see an instant good old team freewill chemistry between Dean, Sam and Cas. It was just gold! It was a classic Cas episode, we get to see him being so funny (and he doesn't know it!), he kicked ass, he spoke Enochian and he displayed loyalty and frustration towards the Civil War. But just like season 5, Cas has doubts but his determination towards peace is stronger. It's a tough job but someone has to take the responsibility. I don't know when Misha is coming back next, but I really can't wait to see him again.

The Third Man is full of awesomeness. The following fan-girl moments took place in real-time during the first viewing:

-- Shirtless Dean.. holy smoke.. My TV wasn't on fire.. but I was.

Ben Edlund, did you actually write: "Dean, purposely shirtless, [close up] rolls over and makes out with Lisa."?

-- Shirtless Sam... what's with the gracious fan service?

Ben Edlund, did you actually write: "Sam, working out. Shirtless. Blah Blah. [Note to the Director of Photography: less light on Sam's face, more light on his body. Make it obvious.]"?

Back-to-back shirtless scenes was a bit too much for Tiny. *Fainted* Ben Edlund and Robert Singer love us. They really do.

-- A series of unfortunate and gory events. This is Ben Edlund's wonderland.

-- Sam, if you don't rid of that plastic piece of crap, [spoiler] "someone" with "wings" will physically drop their "feathery ass" on it. Destroy it.

-- Dean and Sam suit up.. I have a thing about Dean and Sam wearing cheap suits.

-- The Impala will so win every race in the Fast and the Furious.

-- Sam and Dean in the room, talking about the case. Just like old time... Sam on the computer, Dean grabs a beer.

-- Dean: Houston, we have a problem. We should call Cas...

We wants him, we needs him.

-- Dean has his own unique way when it comes to praying: Cas, get your feathery ass down here.

Yes, precious....
We wants him.

-- Sam: You are an idiot.


Random Major League moment appeared.....

Wild thing... you make my heart sing, you make everything, groovy

-- Cas: Hello.

-- Sam: HELLO?

-- Cas: Dean and I share a profound bond. Remember, I was the one that gripped his tight and raised him from perdition.

-- Sam: Ok, so.. if you didn't raise me.... Who did?

-- Cas: I didn't come here to cut your hair.

-- Sam: Bite me.

-- Cas: Move your plastic piece of crap now or I'll destroy it.

-- Sam: Grumpy.

-- Cas: My “people skills” are “rusty” after spending the last year as a "multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent". Oh yeah..
"Quotey fingers" for the win.

-- Dean: "Disco stick's gone missing... you were saying.. Lady Gaga's or Moses'? Who is the suspect?"

-- Cas:
Balthazar.. He faked his own death and stole the precious... Civil blood makes civil hands unclean... Leonardo.. Michelangelo.. Donatello.. Raphael.

-- Dean: You know that.. how?

-- Cas: It's written on my script. And if we jump to the last page of the production script now... [Cas disappeared...]

-- Dean: Freaking angels. Come on!!

I was really excited about this particular episode based on a returning character and the story. I wasn't disappointed, just that a 40 minute for an episode is not enough any more! I feel like I am a junkie, not only I need the fix, I need more dosage!

There are still many questions surrounding Sam. Cas doesn't know who helped Sam and why. So who helped Sam to escape and why? Sam is acting as normal as possible. but something is up with him. We weren't born yesterday! We know, Sam! You're lying about something. There is something Lucifer about Sam this season with the way he's been acting and the way he's been reacting to situations. We usually know the purpose of the season: Dean's demon deal; Sam and Dean tried to stop the seals from breaking; the apocalypse etc.. But this time, I have no clue.
I still don't know where we are heading, we still haven't met the main baddie (or have we?) This is probably the first time since season one we are discovering things as we go. I need more SPN fix now! Every episode should be a 2-hour event!

On the rating front, it is all kinds of awesomeness with Smallville and Supernatural, both shows had another big Friday night. Every single molecule of the concept of rating escapes my understand, you can read the details at TV By The Numbers at here and here.

I am looking forward to the next few episodes, including Jensen's directorial debut Weekend at Bobby's, Eat it Twilight and You Can't Handle the Truth, which I suspect we will find out what secret Sam has been hiding.. may be..?


  1. YAY Tiny I loves this episode. Sam is a lying liar who lies, and a bad one at that. Something is amiss with him, I just hope we find out what soon and I hope it's not something about him not being all Sam and that. I just hope he's broken and trying to cover it up and has just suppressed everything or something, I don't know, I just don't want to find out he sold his soul...or you know...his personality!
    I have NO IDEA where we are going with this season, and I LOVE that, because like you say, it's been a long time since we've not know what direction we are heading. A week between episodes is TOO LONG...how in Chuck's name are we going to survive the Christmas hellatus??? AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Also, you make me laugh out loud! I love your re-write of the script there. Teeee heeee.

    Nice one as usual :)

  2. Awesome read...with great insight. In Season One Sam got seriously shitty when Dean veered away from finding John in Wendingo. Wot effect of having Lucifer INSIDE him? Only more eps will tell...yes they should be 2 hours long!!
    Thanx again ::))


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