31 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.06 You Can't Handle th Truth


The following is a likely scenario in the writer's room:

Writer A: Humm.. so.. should we sweeten the pot?

Writer B: What would Kripke do?

Writer A & B together: Let's torture the fans!

And that's the truth, my fellow Supernatural fans.

I was totally prepared for an intense crazy episode. I am glad I did! You can read a recap from DaemonsTV and Amy's review on her blog. I am going to focus on a few points here.

You Can't Handle the Truth
revealed a very interesting point about Sam. According to Goddess of Truth herself, Veritas, Sam was not human. I don't think she was lying. Either Sam was not human or there was nothing human about him. If you have watched the promo of the next episode, I think the Sam plot will move forward with 6.06 Family Matters.

Sam was able to fend off
Veritas's powers and kept lying to Dean, which was actually disturbing.. I mean, HOW did he do it? At the end of the episode, Sam told Dean he knew there was something wrong about himself, he needed help. Nobody likes being lied to, especially after everything Dean and Sam had been through with the whole demon blood thing, you have to start wondering if Sam had learnt anything from past experience? I think Dean was more than angry, he was almost disgusted with Sam being so pretentious in the last few episodes with the 'of-course-I-got-your-back' lying in your face vibe. There was only one thing left for Dean to do -- to punch the crap out of Sammy! Will things get better? No! Absolutely not! This is an emotional scar for life!

The dialogues for people telling the truth are very well-written. I feel really sorry for Dean, his life just doesn't get any better -- Sam was being a lying liar who lies, Castiel being a dick and too busy with his problems; Bobby couldn't be there all the time for him; and after being dumped by Lisa, Dean was totally alone. So lonely, he might as well volunteer himself to be deployed by NASA when they start colonising other planets.

Bobby was just too cute when he told Dean all his secrets and his love life (bahahaha). Jim and Jensen played off each other so well and this wasn't even a face-to-face scene. Jensen performed brilliantly with his break-up scene with Cindy Simpson, not that Dean didn't know any of this stuff Lisa was telling him, but it was hard to hear it the hash way. Could this be the last time we see or hear from Lisa?

Jared did a great job playing a lying Sam, he always has. I think without the dark-side-bad-boy element, Sam's character could get a bit vanilla. I actually enjoy Jared's performance better when Sam goes bad, I think it's better for Jared. I think no matter what is going to happen next, I think if there is a remote chance of helping Sam or getting his soul back or whatever, Dean will not give up on his brother. The only reason Dean told Bobby his skin crawled being in the same room with Sam was because Dean didn't think that was his brother, he was just so angry and he wanted to get to the bottom of this asap. But if that was really Sam and if he admitted he had a problem and needed help, Dean would never give up on Sam.

It was awesome to see a little bit of Castiel. He looked kinda stress or not enthused. Misha was awesome as usual! He will be back next week! I am impressed with Serinda Swan who played Veritas. She was also the nurse in Salvation in season one, and Zatanna Zatara in Smallville.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching the dramas unfolded and really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was really well done and well-written. The episode was directed by Jan Eliasberg. I noticed the credit for the writing team was a bit longer than usual -- story by David Reed, Eric C. Charmelo & Nicole Snyder, written by Eric C. Charmelo & Nicole Snyder. Well done all!

On the Friday rating results, according to
TVByTheNumbers, Smallville dropped slightly but Supernatural was even with last week's rating. Read it all on TVByTheNumbers


  1. Yes Tiny, he should have told Dean. Dean will do anything for Sam, all he needed to do was tell Dean and that would have stopped Dean's pain somewhat. He'll want to try and fix Sam, it's who he is. It makes me so sad how alone he feels now, his life as really gone down the crapper. What should have been a wonderful thing having his brother back has turned into a nightmare. They never totally recover from the hurts they inflict on each other but they keep moving forward together. Lisa's comments sent an icy chill down my spine because she is probably right, as long as Dean has Sam in his life, will he ever truly be happy? I don't like to think of that. The problem is of course, even if they die they are stuck together! I want them to get back to some semblance of a relationship this season, I really need that, as much as the angst and drama is highly enjoyable, I need some balance in the brother's lives. It just hurts so much to see them hurting so much! This season has just been amazing with such complex writing and character development, I am simply loving it, even if it hurts like hell. Great write up as usual Tiny :)

  2. I am hoping for a Changing Channels or Monster at the End of the Book kind of episode this season!! Badly!

    Thanks Amy :)


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