12 October 2010

Awesome Week of Awesomeness: Chicago Con; Jensen Ackles Directorial Debut & Smallville 200

Yup... what an awesome week full of awesomeness, right?! Jensen Ackles's directorial debut Weekend at Bobby's airs this week. Not only we have a Bobby centric episode, Crowley and Rufus will also return. This is a powerhouse team for Jensen to direct. OMG, I cannot wait! This should be a fun episode!

Here is a behind the scene look at the episode... And can I just mention this, it will be wrong not to have Jensen to commentate the episode for the DVD!

The Salute to Supernatural Chicago Convention took place over the weekend. As fans are aware, Jensen was only scheduled for the private Q&A and photo session. Here is a very good write up on the Q&A. Jensen loves his job and his fans! Jensen also made a surprise appearance and crashed Jared and Misha's joint panel. So funny! I watched a few videos on YouTube. You can also find a collection of photos on Superwiki and Fanpop. One word: HOT!

I cannot wait to go to LA Con in Feb next year! Only 123 days to go!!! Yup, if you don't know that already, yours Tiny is going to LA for the Supernatural convention!! I am not sure how good the wifi will be (because there is no way I am going to use global roaming!). But I am going to take lots of photos and videos. Expect a full wrap up after. Of course, you can follow me on Twitter as well.

Smallville will celebrate their 200th episode this week. This show has come a long way. I have always been a fan of season 8, 9 and now 10. And I am loving the stuff I am seeing in the 10th and final season of the show. Here is a clip on the episode.

Speaking of directing, I don't think Tom Welling has done any DVD commentary before. Grrr...!!!

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