03 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.02 Two and a Half Men

Another Polariod moment

Another thing I love about Supernatural is the episode titles. Don't you love titles like My Bloody Valentine, Monster at the End of the Book and now Two and a Half Men. I have never been a fan of the original sitcom. I am sure it's funny to some, and sucks to others.

The first run is always a bit overwhelming, and it always takes awhile to sink in. After watching
Two and a Half Men the second time, I realise there are actually a lot going on in the episodes. I am slowing sinking into the idea of Dean having a family of his own, with or without him being there physically.

One of the themes emerged from Exile on Main Street and Two and a Half Men was the family theme. The Campbells was a hunter family, it was compulsory for Mary to hunt. The Winchesters got into hunting because of John's obsession of finding Mary's killer. Dean and Sam grew up from learning to protect themselves to hunting to save lives. Now that Dean has a chance to start a family, how would he do it and not turn into John or Grandpa?

I think this could be a very solid story-arc. I used to think Sam is likely to have a stable relationship than Dean, but Dean always turns out to be great with kids and the whole Lisa thing kind of surprises me. And it's not a bad thing! Deep down, Dean always knew what he wanted, but it wasn't something within his reach. Cassie from that monster truck episode, (I can't believe I am bringing this up), gave up on Dean. All other girls are hardly worth the second visit. Like it or not, Lisa is the perfect lady for Dean. She is smart, pretty and understanding. She breaks the rules and let Dean does his thing. She really respects Dean for who he is and what he does. She is an awesome lady for Dean! Seeing Lisa learning how to use a gun kind of made me wonder if Lisa will one day save Dean's ass? The whole Dean and Lisa thing is like Jack Bauer who always tries to go back to his family, but just when he is out, something always pull him back in. Will this relationship survive? Will Sera Gamble KO everyone like Eric Kripke used to? One thing for sure, Dean is all grown up now and I am cool with it.

Regular visitors of my blog would know that I am a huge fan of the Winchester family plots. I am crazy in love with young John and Mary in In the Beginning and The Song Remains the Same, and the young Dean and Sam in Something Wicked, A Very Supernatural Xmas and After School Special. In comparison to the above, the introduction of the Campbells in season six doesn't have the same awesomeness and it lacks a bit of a wow-factor. The Campbell cousins are not likeable at all and there is definitely something going on with Grandpa. Why does Sam trust them so much? I wonder if we will get a I Know What You Did Last Summer episode this season to see what Sam was up to during his solo year of hunting. May be he went to Miami?

"CSI Miami, can I help you?"

Episode 6.02 Two and a Half Men has a few memorable scenes. Dean and Sam play parents and went shopping was classic! Dean hummed Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water as the lullaby as he attempted to put Bobby John to sleep was priceless (and it was so Dean!). Bobby John is such a great great name for baby! I love Bobby John! Seeing double Dean and double Sam was pretty hot too, it's like they were effected by the red kryptonite! Having a shape-shifter baby was a killer idea for a Supernatural episode. Think about it, it's really bizarre!

Speaking of monsters, there is something strange going on with the monsters this season. So far, we haven't seen the two episodes haven't resolved any monster issues. They usually got killed off in an episode. But so far, they have gotten away. What's up with that? What's going on with the monsters? Who is the big baddie this season? Who is Grandpa working for? Who is on the other side of the phone? (I'm sure it's not the Blur or WatchTower!)

I tweeted about the Impala on Twitter the other night, I said seeing the Impala at the end of Two and a Half Men with that epic song choice, that could well be the turning point of season six. Something is just not right when Dean isn't driving the Impala. It always weird without the Impala in action. It's just weird seeing Sam driving whatever that car is, on his own and talking to Grandpa who called the internet, intranet. They are different, Grandpa! This season started off low key, but it will pick up the pace once the Impala is back on the road. Bring it.

Two and a Half Men did good on the rating front. I think the CW has got to be happy with the Friday night rating. For more details, check it out on TVByTheNumbers.

One word for next week's episode: CASTIEL.


  1. I loved this episode Tiny. I love this introduction of family that challenges everything that Supernatural has cherished about family in the past. Those bonds that are always so important are being tested with the new psycho Campbell clan and I love it. I also love Dean and Lisa. Dean is a 30something guy and it's appropriate for him to have grown up a little bit, but having said that I want to see him being his badass self and tooling around in the Impala pronto. Next week can't come quick enough! Castiel! BRING IT!

  2. Oh and...hahahaha that look on Dean's face in your accompanying photo! Gold!


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