07 August 2010

Weekend Goodies - Supernatural Animation Trailer & DVD art; Supernatural & Smallville SDCC Hightlights

Don't you love weekends? I love weekends.

The trailer for
Supernatural the Animation is out! Check this out! It is going to be epic! I am so going get it, I don't care how, I am going to get my copy!!

Amazon Japan has released the DVD art. I can't read Japanese, but I assume you can pre-order it soon. The animation series will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan in three volumes. The first one will be released on 12th January 2011. Source: Spinoff Comic Book Resources

Here is the ComicCon highlight from the WB. I love the stuff from WB, they should get behind the show more than the CW. After all, this is from the WB studio. I want to see more promo!!!

I have also read about Supernatural season 6 episode titles, so here we go!

6.01 Exile On Main Street written by Sera Gamble, directed by Robert Singer (Premier on 24 Sept)
6.02 Two and a Half Men
6.03 The Third Man
6.04 Weekend at Bobby's directed by Jensen Ackles
6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

Source: Wikipedia and SpoilerTV

There are some really cool spoilers on 6.03, an angel friend of Castiel will appear. I am not ready to let go of my love for the angels storylines, so that's awesome to me! If you want more info, check it out on SpoilerTV.

Buzzine has posted an interview with Jensen Ackles, beware of spoilers ^_^

I love Smallville. There there... I have said it! My love for the show has grown since season 8 and I am loving season 10 already. We will see more DC characters in season 10 and to me, the show is ready for more DC goodies and let's go out with a big bang! Hawkgirl and Deadshot are two of several new DC characters set to appear on season 10, it's been announced that Darkseid, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will also be making their appearances. Source: SpoilerTV I would love also love to see the young Bruce Wayne on Smallville, but it probably won't happen!!!

Anyway, here is the ComicCon highlight from the WB.

Don't forget you can join me on Twitter for the Supernatural rewatch next Sunday 15 August 2pm Sydney time. Details here.

PS - My Batman Under the Red Hood DVD has arrived. I watched it once.. loved it! I am going to watch it again now. Expect a review this week. The film is more intense than I expected! It's awsome!

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  1. Release date for Supernatural animation in Japan is January 12,2011


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