24 August 2010

Tuesday Edition: Acklemanic; Joss Whedon

What a crazy week it has been in the real world?! I need 48 hours a day to work. But when I am not working, blogging is what I love to do. Looks like we have a few things for today. So let's get to it, shall we?

The term was used by Jimmy Kimmel when Jensen Ackles was on his show a few years ago. LOL. Paul McDermott from an Aussie TV program, Good News Week, mentioned a website called "I worshipped Jensen Ackles's ass." I don't know if the website was legit.

Anyway. When I was doing my news sourcing this week, I dug out a few fan-sites voiced their casting choices for a few potential movies that are rumored to be in the development stage. Having missed out on being Captain America (you now I can't help it!), Jensen was again fans' choice for a number of movie characters. While he may not be everyone's choice, yes, we fans have creative differences and we sometimes respect each other O_o, I think it's about fudging time Jensen to be on a big screen for a major role that we all love. I love fancast, I mean, fans do make great casting choices. And fans know what they are talking about.

Oh long live the Resident Evil franchise!a I know Resident Evil 4 is just about to come out in October. And many fans were kind of hoping to see Leon S Kennedy to be in the movie, but he is not featured in Resident Evil 4. While there is no confirmation on Resident Evil 5 (and Hollywood is Hollywood, there is always talk but never say never), if this is going ahead, we should definitely see Leon S Kennedy. I don't play video games, but I know Leon is one of the main characters, so they have to include him eventually. This blogger (and I agree with him) said that if Resident Evil 5 is happening, Jensen Ackles should be cast as Leon S Kennedy. Source: ComicBookMovie

I have only watched the 3rd one, I think. Not sure if I'll watch the 4th one. But if there is a 5th one with Jensen as Leon Flipping Kennedy, I will definitely watch it! Here is the trailer of Resident Evil 4:

That's not all, it's not new news that Marvel Studios is thinking about a Craptastic Four Reboot. Anyway, Obsessed with Film has recently blogged about the franchise reboot and his director and casting choices for the Fantastic Four team and the baddies. Casting choice including Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Ben Grimm The Thing.

And of course, when it comes to casting the new Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch (previously played by Chris Evans who is now Captain America and er.. Lucas Lee..), the blogger has selected... wait for it..... wait for it... Jensen '
who-is-inevitably-going-to-end-up-with-a comic-book-gig-at-some-point' Ackles!!!! If Jensen is the new Johnny Storm, I will start calling the movie Fantastic Four. LOL. I never thought of it, I mean, YEAH, I can totally see it! Source: Obsessed with Film

On to my next obsession, Joss Whedon told the Sunday Herald-Sun recently in an interview, “It is true that the movie is only going to have one female avenger…But she [Black Widow] will not be the only female character”. I was hoping Natalie Portman will return as Jane Foster from Thor. Here is ScreenRent's take on this information from Joss. Read more on Joss's interview on MovieHole.

Joss is speaking at the Sydney Opera House this Sunday. Yours truly is attending the 90-minute talk. OMG, it will be so awesome!!!


  1. Nice one Tiny! I like the Fantastic Four rumour. I'd so much prefer to see Jensen as a comic book hero than in another schlock horror! Here's hoping 'cause we need big screen JA action and we need it now!! And see you at Joss on Sunday :D


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