04 June 2010

SPECIAL EDITION PROJECT KARA-TINY: Supernatural season five awards

Yours Tiny have teamed up with Kara this week for this special edition to celebrate another fabulous season of Supernatural. Cue Carry on Wayward Son and enjoy this!

Best Filler

Kara: While I may have defended this episode saying it wasn’t a complete filler, but for the sakes of this award I am claiming it is. Best Filler is Body Swap. I know it isn’t the most conventional of choices as a lot of people would think. But I found myself laughing and having a strong reaction towards the episode. I loved the whole Demons contacting Witches and goth kids saying ‘Hey, do us a solid and kill Dean Winchester’. I just enjoyed this episode from start to finish.

Tiny: This season I actually find it really hard to define what a filler is. When it comes to a 'legit' filler on Supernatural, I think of Dead in the Water or Bugs or Nightshifter or Ghost-Facers. Many episodes in season five appeared to be fillers but I don't think there were fillers. Anyway, to me the best filler this season is Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. Although the episode introduced the Death and Bobby story arc, but this is very close to being a 'legit' filler in my book. Best of all, I love a good Bobby centric episode, I love some good zombie action.

Worst Filler

Kara: 99 Problems. Which I know isn’t a real outstanding episode to say ‘worst filler’ but I decided worst filler and least favourite episode have to be two different episodes. Anyway, 99 Problems fell short, it idea was promising, but, unfortunately everything else just was a steamy pile of crap. Maybe it has something to do with the ‘let’s throw Lisa in here although we haven’t mentioned her for about three seasons’. An episode shouldn’t rely on Castiel to show up before it can start getting good, and even then it the only good bits were when Castiel was on screen.

However very, very, VERY dishonorable mention, Hammer of the Gods – I don’t need a reasoning, you have seen the episode right?

Tiny: Definitely Fall Idols. But seeing Paris Hilton's head got chopped off made the episode! Having said that, this episode has one of my favourite Dean's lines: Is that Ghandi? This is also one of my favourite hashtags on Twitter!

Favourite Episode

Kara: Personal favourite episode has to be a tie between Changing Channels and I believe the Children are our Future. Granted they are both comedic episode but they both also have a very 'Monster at the end of this book' feel to it. I refuse to think that Children is a filler as I don’t believe any episode that has the Little AntiChrist. Both of the two episodes were just fantastic, they managed to balance a mythos story line, comedy and character development. Plus how can you pass Herpexia and a hairy hand. What else can I say?

Tiny: The End. I am deeply, truly, madly in love with this episode! This is the kind of episode I love to see on the show. I really love the writing, the character stuff, the production and the execution. I love the Terminator-John-Connor element. I love the setting of the story. I love the double Dean action. Jensen Ackles gave an award-winning performance. The episode was perfect to me.

Honorable mention: Changing Channels, Abandon All Hope and The Song Remains the Same.

Least Favourite Episode

Kara: A lot of people would presume that I would say Fallen Idols but I am sorry its The Real Ghost Busters I hated it. Hate it. Hate it. HATE IT! It fell short, and it wasn’t funny at all. While there were call backs to the previous seasons it wasn’t anywhere near as good as Monster and if you do an episode like this , it should be at least in the same it to be compared to one of the best episodes in Supernatural History that dealt with much the same content. This episode also had the feel of “Let’s make a convention like episode – oh shit forgot I that this episode has no relevance to our overall story line so let’s throw in this thing about the Colt.”

Tiny: If you read my blog previously, you'd know I had issues with Dark Side of The Moon. I just think that Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin had good materials to work on but the writing wasn't top notch and the character stuff wasn't well executed. May be I am a bit harsh here, but this episode was hard to digest.

Best Use of Song

Kara: Two words... CHERRY PIE!

Tiny: Having said that about Dark Side of the Moon, when Knockin' On Heaven's Door was played in the Dean/ young Sammy fireworks scene, it brought tears to my eyes.

Honorable mention: Cherry Pie in The Song Remains the Same. DEAN DEAN DEAN! You one naughty son of a pie!

Best Quote

Kara: “I just looked her in the eyes and told her that it wasn’t her fault her father left, he just hated his job at the post office.” Castiel.

Tiny: As much as I love all the Dean ones, I am going to give this award to my favourite angel Castiel. And I have a few!! God is not on any flat bread; The voice says I am almost out of minute; I don't understand, why do you want me to say my name; Hey ass-butt!

Most Heart Breaking Moment

Kara: While I do want to say Bobby confessing how he wanted to kill himself, it would have to be the iconic scene of Dean dropping the amulet in the bin. This kind of reminds me of the ‘coffee drop’ scene of season two.

Tiny: In The Song Remains the Same, when Dean revealed to Mary he was her son. Why was it heart-breaking? Mary's deal with YED set things in motion (arguably). It was heart-breaking to see young Mary finding out what happened to her kids. Not only Dean and Sam never had the chance to live a normal apple pie life, their lives just got worst and worst. Mary had the will, but there was nothing she could do to save her kids or turn things around. You can't fight City Hall!

Best Death

Kara: Best death seems like a weird way to put this but it would have to be Ellen and Jo’s death. They went out swinging, literally in a blaze of glory. Plus that ‘Kick It in the Ass’ which just added more emotion to that already emotional scene (RIP Kim).

Tiny: When we say 'best death', we certainly don't mean it like 'Ruby-die-bitch-die-best-death'. It's more like 'heroic-epic-death'. Abandon All Hope deeply effected my week after seeing Ellen and Jo died in this episode. I couldn't re-visit that episode like I normally would. I have always loved Ellen and Jo, in fact, I sometimes think they were a bit under used. So to see them coming back to fight side by side with Team Free Will and then sacrificed themselves was heroic.

Coolest Death

Kara: Coolest death is a pretty God Damn easy one for me at least. Anna being burnt by Michael. There is just no way to explain how freaking awesome that death was. Burn baby burn.

Honorable mention: Gabriel being killed by his big bro Lucifer.

Tiny: I have to say Zachariah! Zach is the best villain viewers love to hate! The journey of his character from the get-go to his death was well-written, well-executed and well-performed. I love the dialogue exchange between Dean and Zach in Point of No Return. Kurt Fuller and Jensen Ackles played that scene brilliantly.

Best Fight

Kara: This may become as a surprise to some, but the best fight holds in the 100th episode. There were quite a few awesome fights in that episode however the best fight is between Cas and Dean. Holy Hell! Cas won a fight and against the Dean... and he smacked that little bitch silly.

Honorable mention: Once again Cas kicking major angel ass in Sympathy for the Devil.

Tiny: I am actually going a little left-field here and give the best fight to Mary and Anna in The Song Remains the Same. How often do we get to see Mary engaged in hand to hand combat?! Seeing her in a fight scene with Glenn Close was awesome!

Favourite Villain

Kara: How can you possibly pass up the King of the Douches? Lucifer, and he was the biggest bad guy in The End when he was wearing Sam. He was so bad ass when he was going around killing other gods and the fact he didn’t care about how many demons, his ‘children’, that he killed was just the icing on the douchifer cake.

Tiny: Zachariah. Kudos to Kurt Fuller for such an incredible performance. Supernatural does really awesome casting and Kurt Fuller was THE MAN to play this role! Zach is a character the show needs. Love him or hate him, the villainous character was well-constructed.

Honorable mention: Mark Pellegrino was awesome as Lucifer.

Favourite Good Guy

Kara: In a show like Supernatural there’s an abundance of good guys, however one really seemed to hit a cord with me. Gabriel. Maybe it’s because it’s not like he just was a good guy like Bobby and Cas and the boys, but he actually chose to go against everything, against his ‘trickster’ nature, against his family and even against the other Gods who were his friends. He didn’t pick heaven or hell, he didn’t choose between his brothers, he chose to be on the side of the Humans.

Tiny: It's a tie between Bobby and Castiel. I love them! On one hand I was prepared to say goodbye to them, but on the other hand I am so glad they are coming back in season six.

Honorable mention: Chuck and Trickster/ Gabriel. I love them so much!

Biggest WTF Moment

Kara: Ok... Ok... WTF? The colt can’t Kill Lucifer. But then how...? What? Oh, no we are so screwed.

Tiny: When Dean threw his amulet into the bin at the end of Dark Side of the Moon. WTF? Seriously WTF?! It was a hard moment to digest.

Most Under Used Character

Kara: For those that have listened to me bitch on twitter or via my blog this will be no surprise for you... but the most under used character was the lovely heart breaking Jessie. How can you have the Anti Christ in only ONE episode of the Apocalypse story arch? Couldn’t Hammer of the Gods be more like Jessie comes back and the boys have to protect them and somehow Lucifer catches where he is and comes after him? Come on! So disappointed with the lack of that sweet kid. I hope he is in season six.

Tiny: The Anti-Christ Jessie. This character has so much potential. I would like to see a closure. But perhaps they couldn't get the kid back or something. I hope Jessie will return in season six.

Best Confrontation

Kara: Dean confronting Lucifer in Sam’s body in the end. This is a scene that I can just watch over and over again. It was written so well, acted amazingly.

Tiny: I was really looking forward to see the Michael and Lucifer showdown. But surprising, I really really enjoyed the Michael (Matt Cohen) and Dean scene in The Song Remains the Same. I didn't expect to see Michael at all. I was so impressed with Cohen's performance, which made this confrontation so enjoyable to watch.

Favourite Guest Star

Kara: Paris Hilton... ha! Just kidding. While I am not a major Crowley fan I did however really enjoy Mark Sheppard. He had very smart well written one liners and is quite an enjoyable character.

Tiny: I have four, is that ok? The first one is Michael Shank, it's personal, that's all! I was so excited to see Michael on Supernatural. Having played one of my favourite TV characters Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1, it was just so good to see him on my favourite show.

The second one of Mark Sheppard. He is just super awesome as Crowley. His performance and his interpretation of the character was masterful.

The third one is Richard Speight Jr. aka the Trickster/ Gabriel. I really enjoyed his performance this season.

The forth one is Mark Pellegrino aka Luci. Seriously! I love him as Jacob in Lost and I LOVE him as Luci. I can't think of anyone else who could play the role. (May be Misha Collins.. haha)

PS - I see Jim Beaver as a regular more than a guest star. So that's why you don't see Jim here.

Biggest ‘I KNEW IT’ Moment

Kara: Sam is Lucifers Vessel. Need I say more?

Tiny: When Castiel revealed to Dean that his amulet was God's EMF in Good God Y'All, I was speechless. I was like Seriously!! I knew it! Finally, the amulet's backstory! Although this particular story arc didn't really live up to my expectation and fell flat later, but this particular moment was epic.

Best Character Moment

Kara: Dean manning up in Point of No Return. When he was crying saying yes then looking at Sam and then, then there was that wink. The wink that said "Yeah Bizzatches Dean Winchester is back! Now give me something sharp."

Tiny: I originally picked the scene where Dean prayed to God at the end of My Bloody Valentine. But I changed my mind, because it was more like a out of character moment. So my choice goes to Dean's wink in Point of No Return, which was the turning point of his character. It was good to see the return of classic Dean. Screw Destiny!

Favourite Sam and Dean Moment

Kara: I guess this is sort of cheating, but when Sam as Lucifer is pounding the crap out of Dean and Dean goes ‘Don’t worry Sam I won’t leave you’ then that light hit the impala cue major league flashbacks.

Tiny: Sam and Dean didn't hug this year and their relationship continued to be in a strange place in season five. However the ending of Point of No Return was super cool and significant. It was a mini ending of a chapter before the big finale. Castiel said something before they entered the warehouse: "I don't have the same faith in you that Sam does." Sam knows Dean more than Dean realises. When it counts, it's the little thing we forget in life that makes a difference.

Favourite Comedic Moment in an Episode

Kara: Ok I am pretty sure this doesn’t need any explanation. NUTCRACKER!! Actually any moment in that episode.

Tiny: NUTCRACKER! I mean, seriously NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, can top that! Unless it's the Herpexia ad. It's funny that both scenes involved Sam. He isn't even the funny one on the show!

Biggest Unanswered Question

Kara: How the hell could Dean kill the Whore and watch the angel light? Who is Chuck? Where is God? How is Sam back? Why are my feet cold?

Tiny: Who EXACTLY is Chuck?

Best Moment in Season Five

Kara: Dean hugging his Mum in Dark Side of the Moon, telling her that he loved her and that he won’t ever leave her. That scene still makes me cry, it’s such a touching emotional scene.

Honorable mention: Sam and Dean coming clean to Mary in Back to the Future 2.

Tiny: This is the toughest category! I am going to give this award to the Winchesters. In The Song Remains the Same, Dean, Sam, Mary and John were in the Impala together, John was driving it and he told everyone to shut up. It was the perfect family moment for this dysfunctional family. I think this was the only time the Winchesters were seen in the family car together. This scene screamed PERFECT to me.

Honorable mention: Dean's "I am your son" moment was as epic as Vader's "I am your father" in Star Wars.

Best Episode

Kara: In season five there have been many outstanding episodes. But I can’t go past Point of No Return. It’s the 100th episode, it has everything an awesome episode of Supernatural needs. It was funny, it was sad, it had brother moments, there was action, there was story line there was 100 reasons why I still watch this show.

Honorable mention: The episode formally known as Back to the Future 2 and Dark Side of the Moon.

Tiny: To me, it's a tie between The End (written by Ben Edlund) Changing Channels (written by Jeremy Carver) and The Song Remains the Same (written by Sera Gamble). These episodes were extremely well-written, well-executed and well-performed. Jensen Ackles out-performed himself in The End. Richard Speight Jr. stepped up his performance as Trickster/ Gabriel in Changing Channels. Young Mary (Amy Gumenick) and John (Matt Cohen) were outstanding in The Song Remains the Same. Matt Cohen nailed his performance as John and Michael in one episode. These episodes were just close to perfection in my book.

Nothing ever really ends, does it? Other honorable mentions

Supernatural season five was filled with awesomeness! Here are a few other random 'best' from me:

Best Pet: Crowley's Hellhound

Best Horseman: Death

Best Dead Returning Character: Ash

Best Dean Food: Veggie Tofu Burger

Best Sam Hair-Do: Oh wait.. there isn't one because he needs a hair-cut and needs to get rid of his sideburns

Best Hugz: Dean and Mary

Best Pop-Culture Reference (for Coco): 'She is Glenn Close.'

Best Thing About Season Five: Ruby is still dead

Best Guest Star Who Wasn't There: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

So there you have it! Cheers to another super awesome season of Supernatural! Thank you Kara for being my guest blogger. ☺

This is a collaboration project with Kara. Check out Kara's blog or follow her on Twitter.


  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    I agree with some I don't agree with others. But well done girls =)

    And you mentioned the amulet several times...The scene where Dean drops it was, is and will forever be like a knife through my heart!

    Sarah_Loves_SPN :)

  2. AnonymousJune 07, 2010

    hah... this is just amazing!!! It's like a flashback, like the impala scene in the finale! I had AWWW moments while reading this! Thanks for reminding me of 1001 reasons why Supernatural rocks planet earth, heaven and hell!!!

  3. Oh hai!! Thanks for the comments :D


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