12 June 2010

Saturday Edition - Scan Baby Scan; Spain Con; Chris Evans

This week's edition of Scan Baby Scan features the Ghostfacers, Misha Collins and Chris Evans.

The recent SFX Magazine has 2 Supernatural related articles in one issue. HOT!

Empire (Aussie edition) has a delay on publishing this interview with Chris Evans. This was featured in the previous international edition.

I saw Captain America at Borders last week.

Jensen started it! Although he isn't Captain America, I am too deep into the rabbit hole to not blog about it. So, it's official, I will be blogging about Captain America etc in moderation.

The Spain SPN Con is on this weekend. Go to SuperWiki for a list of reports, videos and photos. According to some of the tweets, J2 are heading back to Vancouver for shooting in 2 weeks. Jensen has confirmed he is directing. According to the tweets, he will make his directorial debut in episode 3. Note: episode order may change... as you know the CW does has a habit of switching episode order.. but you'll know when it's confirmed.

Follow tweets on Twitter by searching #risingcon.

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