29 June 2010

Supernatural season six - Who wants to know?

Who wants to know what I think...? Haha! Who cares? Probably nobody, but I'll still blog it!

This blog post contains spoilers.

Stuff you know, and not surprised: Bobby and Castiel will be back. At what capacity? I don't know. But as I said before, I expect Castiel to appear as guest star rather than a regular, just like Bobby.

The Examiner mentioned that the '
CW and Collins have some big news coming down the pike...'. Most people reckon it's a web series or a spin-off. I would love to watch a Castiel spin-off.

Anyway, who's next? It's no surprise that Crowley is back, right? I mean, it's pretty obvious that he will return. SpoilerTV reports that in the latest issue of SFX (which I will get when it eventually arrives in Aust - it has an amazing cover by the way), Kripke and Gamble talked about the return of Crowley. I love Crowley, I love Mark Sheppard's performance, I think he makes the character enjoyable to watch. He is such a great actor!

If you don't know it already, Supernatural does fantastic casting!

Stuff you know and surprised: There are speculations about the return of Grandpa Samuel. I am surprised. I am! But happy. Again, at what capacity? I don't know. But it'll be sooooo cool. You know I love the Winchester/ Campbell family stuff. How is he going to come back? It's one way or another, right? Either Grandpa is not dead and he's been hiding. Or he's coming back from his walkabout. Or he is dead and he is a ghost or zombie. Or may be he will appear in a flash-back episode.

Stuff you may not know, but you shouldn't be surprised because the show is called Supernatural: In the mini-interview with SFX, Kripke and Gamble also talks about bringing back Death the Horseman, the Trickster, and Ellen and Jo (as ghosts).

Oh wait.. the Trickster? OH-HELL-YEAH! He is the Trickster after all!

Mark Pellegrino told Digital Spy in a recent interview that he would love to come back to the show, but Nick (the original meat suit) is really dead (or is it?). I think he was just throwing it out there.

Digital Spy also posted a bit more from Kripke and Gamble. Check it out here. Kripke plans on
“being around… I’m there to be the safety net and to make sure it all stays within the tone of Supernatural”. AWESOME!


Is it September yet? SpoilerTV reported that the season 6 premier will be called
Exile on Main Street.

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