14 June 2010

Keanu Reeves Day - June 15

I love Keanu Reeves. Every now and then, when I watch Speed, I was like OMG! Despite some of the criticism about his acting, I really like him and I don't think he is a wooden actor.

I thought he was really good as Constantine, he did a great job in Street Kings, he was weird in Dracula but hot! Matrix was epic! Even in The Lake House, he made me cry. He is not out there in-your-face like other celebrities such as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, not even in his younger days, he is more low key than Johnny Depp.

What is the Keanu Reeves Day? Well, it all started with a paparazzi image with Keanu eating by himself with a bird. He looked rather sad in the photo. (See original photos here) So anyway, fans started a campaign to cheer him up. They created some Photoshop images with Keanu in different situations. Fans share their thoughts on the actor on different forums and basically talk about what a great guy he is! And then someone started this idea about the Keanu Reeves Day on June 15.

Anyway, to read the origin of the Keanu Reeves Day, here is the start. To see more Sad Keanu Reeves photoshop imagines by fans, check them out
here. Tissues anyone?

And here is my Photoshop effort.


  1. I love it Tiny! 3 of my favourite guys hugging! Hey that's got to be a good thing!

  2. I wanna give him a hug!! :)


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