09 August 2009

GO! The new digital TV channel in Australia

OK.. I don't normally do this, but here is a free plug for a TV network I don't normally watch, but I'll do this anyway, because I think I might give this a GO!

Channel Nine is soft-launching the new digital channel GO! this week. It is available in Australia on fee-to-air television via channel 99 on your digital TV, offering shows that target to the 14-39 demographic including Gossip Girl, The Hills, Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Weeds, The Wire and CSI. You will also see comedy series Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage and Sex & the City and other reality TV shows which I am not going to name. I don't know if we will see the latest seasons/ episodes, but looks like the only first-run show to screen is The Vampire Diaries.

Nine's GO! will also offer themed nights including reality shows on Tuesday, SciFi on Wednesday and a girl's night in on Thursdays.

Many of the above shows are currently running on The CW. As a suggestion, GO!
might as well bring the whole team here to Australia making GO! a one-shop stop for all the CW shows, including Supernatural and Smallville. I just want to say it, because I truly love Supernatural and Smallville is growing on me. I know Supernatural is a Channel Ten show, but as long as we get to see the latest episodes in Australia in reasonably hours, I don't care if it's on ABC.

Check out GO! here.

Source: The Herold Sun, CNet.

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