25 August 2009

Airlock Portal Awards 2009: Jensen Ackles and Supernatural win

Congratulations to Eric Kripke and his team and Jensen Ackles for winning 3 awards in the Airlock Portal Awards 2009.

Supernatural wins:

1.) Best Actor in Television - Jensen Ackles

2.) Best Episode in Television: Monster at the end of the book
3.) Best Series in Television

This is beyond awesome! I think Jensen is THE guy at the moment on television. Being an actor (or best actor) means that he has to own the role, you see him and you see his character, you can't think of anyone who can play Dean better than Jensen.
I think Jensen did better than what was given to him, he took Dean to the next level. (I am not bias!)

Monster at the end of the book is my one of my favorite episodes in Season 4 and in the entire show. Genius idea, genius episode, GENIUS! The Gospel of the Winchesters rocks my socks!

And of course, do I have to say more? Supernatural is THE BEST WRITTEN SHOW RIGHT NOW ON TV!

Winners were announced a few hours ago. For a full list of awards winners including best actors and actress across different categories, click here.

Haven't seen the season 5 trailer? I can't imagine you haven't! Here it is again:


  1. the blog is great!

  2. Finally some recognition for Jensen and Supernatural!


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